Genius Fortnite concept trap would let players take over enemy builds - Dexerto

Genius Fortnite concept trap would let players take over enemy builds

Published: 2/Nov/2018 15:33 Updated: 2/Nov/2018 15:39

by Matt Porter


A clever Reddit user has come up with a concept for a new trap that would allow players to take control of building pieces placed by an enemy player.

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Created by ‘foxbeldin’, the trap is appropriately named “My Wall Now!” and would be placed on walls, floors or other building pieces placed by an enemy player.

It would allow you to take control of the item it’s placed on, meaning you could edit it or remove it as if it was your own piece, instead of attempting to break it down like you would normally have to.


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This trap could help to combat ‘turtling’, a Fortnite strategy which has become a source of frustration amongst fans of the game. Instead of trying to build and attack opponents, players who are turtling attempt to barricade themselves into a square, and stop enemy players from getting in.

It could also be used as a means of escape if an opponent was able to box you in. By placing this trap, you could take control of one of the walls, edit your way out and close the exit behind you, meaning players couldn’t follow you out through that panel.


Epic wants to counter turtling so instead of mindlessly buffing splodes, here’s a trap idea. from r/FortNiteBR

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While fans are looking for their own ideas on how combat turtling, Epic Games were forced to announce they were reverting a change they made to the game, where explosive damage travelled through built structures, after outcries from players against the new system.

Unfortunately, this trap is nothing more than a concept dreamed up by a creative Fortnite fan, and there are currently no official plans for the item to be added to the game.