Fortnite’s Grappler Item Added to In-Game News Feed With Description

Ross Deason. Last updated: Sep 04, 2018

The highly anticipated “Grappler” item for Fortnite Battle Royale has officially made its way to the game’s in-game news feed.

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The Grappler features under a “coming soon” banner on the front page with an image of the exciting new movement aid and the following description:

“Pulls you to anything it hits! Make a daring escape or close the gap to an enemy player!”

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The fact that that the news page says the Grappler is “coming soon” all but confirms the belief that it will be added to the game when the upcoming V5.40 patch is released.

The Grappler, which looks like a gun with a giant toilet plunger attached to it, was thrust into the the spotlight during a recent reveal at Fortnite’s PAX West Summer Skirmish tournament and looks like it will add an interesting new element to the game.

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There is very little else known about the item for the time being, and it seems unlikely that players will get any more confirmed details prior to the release of the next update/

With most major patches releasing early on a Tuesday morning, many fans were expecting to get their hands on the Grappler by September 4, but it looks like they will be disappointed.

The usual release time has already come and gone, and a number of Fortnite-related data mining accounts have suggested that V5.40 won’t go live until Thursday, September 6.