Fortnite YouTuber Marksman Pulls Off Insane Grappler and Guided Missile Win – But His Opponent Wasn’t Impressed

Calum Patterson

Popular YouTuber and streamer Marksman used the new grappler in combination with the guided missile to win a 1v1 on Fortnite and get the victory royale – but his opponent wasn’t impressed at all.

Fortnite players can now channel their inner Spider-man with the new grappler gun, allowing you to latch on to surfaces and spring forwards.

However, as Marksman demonstrates, it’s not just surfaces that the hook can latch onto, but also the guided missile.

In an audacious move, Marksman, who was in a final 1v1 to win the match, fires his guided missile before managing to hook himself on – not once, but twice – with the grappler.

He immediately drops down on his opponent and hits them hard with the double barrel shotgun, then almost messes it all up by switching weapons, but thankfully got the second shot off in time.

However, his opponent, who was streaming too, ‘ItsAllHill’, was less than impressed, simply calling it “trash”. In fairness, it was difficult to see what Marksman had done from his perspective.

The grappler has provided many great plays already, including this one from top Fortnite streamer Ninja, and oddly coincides with the release of Spider-Man on PS4.

Using the grappler in combination with the guided missile is a new one though, and opens up lots more possibilities, beyond just walls and builds.

But you have to be careful, because using the grappler doesn’t protect you from fall damage, so go to high and you’ll eliminate yourself upon landing.

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