Fortnite World Cup duo Clix and Sceptic trade jabs after split

Eli Becht

The first major breakup of the Fortnite World Cup has been revealed as Cody ‘Clix’ Conrod and Griffin ‘Sceptic’ Spikoski announced they are going their separate ways while taking some parting shots at each other.

Clix and Sceptic were a duo that a lot of viewers had their eyes on going into the World Cup as both of them are immensely talented Fortnite players.

However, the duo finished in 35th place out of 50, and while they were able to secure $100,000, it’s clear they both felt they could do better.

Epic GamesIt seems like the Fortnite World Cup ruined a friendship.

Shortly after the World Cup concluded, both players announced they were splitting up. However, neither player could avoid taking jabs at the other and it’s created a rift of sorts between the fans of both players.

Clix tweeted on July 28 that he was looking for a new duo and said there was no bad blood between him and Sceptic.

“I’m looking for a new duo to play in all future duo events, feel free to dm me on Twitter,” he tweeted. “Likes and RT’s appreciated (no hate to sceptic, he’s the homie)”

That was just the beginning of it as just a couple minutes after that tweet came out, Sceptic posted a similar message but took a shot with it as well.

“I split with Clix, looking for a new duo that believes in teamwork and chemistry,” Sceptic said. 

Those are strong shots at a fellow player, especially in Fortnite where teamwork and chemistry are key to becoming a successful duo.

As expected, Clix didn’t take this well, but said he’s going to remain mature about it.

“I’m going to stay mature with this split, I don’t want to add attention to it,” he said. “I know my true fans will always support me, I’m just trying to the right/best thing for me as a player. Thanks guys.”

A screenshot of an alleged deleted tweet revealed that Clix had a quick change of pace from calling Sceptic out to taking the high road.

“I’m super disappointed with how Sceptic is acting, I’m being super mature about this duo situation but obviously Sceptic isn’t taking it the right way,” reads the alleged tweet. “Maybe you should say fucking congrats instead of blocking me on every social media Sceptic. I’m sorry, I’m just losing my patience.”

Clix had some spicy words in a now deleted tweet.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t appear to have been a clean split between the two and now there’s a good chance that the drama surrounding the situation won’t end here. 

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