Fortnite Season 10 Teaser 2 hints at the return of The Visitor


The second official teaser for Fortnite Season 10 has been released by Epic Games – hinting that The Visitor could be making a return the map, with an army of robots that could cause havoc.

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After the conclusion of the $30m World Cup in New York – where three players were crowned the first ever Fortnite World Champions – all attention has turned to the next season which is set to release in the coming days.

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At the event, Epic revealed the first teaser image for the upcoming season – which hinted that popular location Dusty Depot would be making a return to the map following it’s destruction by the meteor in Season 4.

EPIC GAMESDusty Depot is set to make a return to the Fortnite map.
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Epic Games release second official Fortnite 10 teaser

On Monday 29 July, Epic Games released the second official teaser image, showing a large robotic figure with some heavy weaponry on each arm.

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Fortnite tweeted: “Look Forward.”

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Will The Visitor return to Fortnite?

The second official teaser has added a brand new twist to the Season 10 theories – seemingly contradicting rumors that the map could be set to reverted back to a former state.

Eagle-eyed fans were able to spot the logo on the left of the image is exactly the same as the logo featured on the arm of The Visitor – a character who was prominent during Season 4. 

The Visitor is believed to have stumbled across the Fortnite map as a ‘time traveller’, creating rifts in Season 5 which were his method of returning home. However, the latest teaser suggests he has unfinished business and will make an epic return with an army of robots judging by the mysterious character in the image.

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The second teaser hints at a futuristic twist.
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Fortnite Season 10 – what we know so far

The first leak for Season 10 came via the PlayStation store, which showed the iconic Fortnite Battle Bus in front of a ‘X’. As the number ten is written as an ‘X’ in Roman numerals, fans instantly connected the dots.

With the first official teaser now confirming the image was legitimate, rumors continue to swirl over what it could mean, given it would be the first ever Fortnite season to not be given an actual number.

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As the orb at Loot Lake, the location of all the previously vaulted items, is becoming increasingly unstable, there had been suggestions that the vault could be cracked upon, catapulting the Fortnite map back in time. However, the latest image suggests futuristic items will also be present, given the robot has some pretty heavy weaponry on it’s body.

We are expecting teasers to continue in the build up to the new season which will officially release on Thursday August 1.

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