Fortnite update v13.40: Fixes coming in next patch revealed

Connor Bennett
Fortnite Dark Bomber skin

[jwplayer Puy4UiEa]Epic Games have revealed a full list of bug fixes that are set for the upcoming V13.40 patch, as a few annoying issues are set to be rooted out and consigned to the bin.

With each passing Fortnite update, Epic Games usually showers their battle royale title with new content. In recent updates, we’ve seen map changes as well as a whole boatload of fresh cosmetics for players to get their hands on.

However, these updates usually bring bugs and errors as well. These can be something as simple as having the food items glitch out and not provide any boosts. Though, others are bigger issues and can also cause the game to freeze up or crash altogether.

As the release of the V13.40 patch is approaching, with many fans expecting cars to make their arrival on the island, the devs have revealed what bugs they are going to root out and finally address. 

Cars had been expected in previous Fortnite updates.

The early alert to the changes comes courtesy of Epic Games’ public Trello board, where four battle royale-centric issues are confirmed to be getting changes.

These include the XP bar not showing up correctly when you level up during a game, not having your Top 25 placing count if you drop at Frenzy Farm or The Yacht, and Ocean’s Bottomless Chug Jug not recharging if another player touches it.

On top of those, the devs are also addressing a minor issue where, when playing on PC with a controller, you might see a mouse cursor appear on your screen. A small issue, but an annoying one for players who have seen it. 

Fortnite bug fixes from Trello
The full list of bug fixes coming in the v13.40 patch.

There are other issues that could be fixed and shipped with the new update, including problems with the speed of gliders after redeploying, but they haven’t been confirmed just yet. 

As the update day approaches, we’ll just have to see what Epic Games ships in terms of any other bug fixes and just overall new content. It is sure to be an interesting patch.