Fortnite brings back Trios mode after vaulting it without explanation

Brianna Reeves
fortnite trios mode

Epic Games vaulted Fortnite’s Trios mode a couple of weeks ago; fortunately, the beloved mode has now returned.

Fortnite introduced Trios during Chapter 2, having taken inspiration from the likes of Apex Legends. It didn’t take long for the mode to explode in popularity, either.

As such, many Fortnite fans were devastated two weeks ago when Epic unceremoniously valuted Trios in Battle Royale and Zero Build.

Naturally, much of the anger and confusion stemmed from those who preferred to play in groups of three. Those types of players will be pleased to learn that Epic has already reversed course.

Trios mode returns to Fortnite after recent removal

According to a post from Fortnite-dedicated Twitter account HYPEX, Trios has once more returned for all non-competitive modes.

Whether or not it’s returning temporarily or permanently remains unknown for the time being. Still, a quick look through the replies to HYPEX’s post indicates this news is a highlight for the community-at-large.

The replies are filled with Twitter users saying Trios should’ve never been removed. Meanwhile, others continue to express confusion about the mode’s vaulting.

Some believe Trios hit the sidelines because Epic wanted to avoid oversaturating servers with the advent of Ranked Play. Regardless, Fortnite faithful are pleased with the latest turn of events.

Prior to its debut as a core offering in Chapter 2 Season 5, Fortnite’s Trios existed as a limited-time mode. Users quickly fell in love with the mode, since it meant they no longer needed to fill out squads of four for team play.

For the sake of three-person crews everywhere, here’s to hoping Trios won’t vanish again anytime soon.

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