Augments are missed in Fortnite, but players are convinced they will never return

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Augments.

Fortnite players are beginning to lose all hope that Augments will finally make a comeback after Epic Games teased their return in Chapter 5 Season 1, and then scrapped them completely.

The once beloved feature in Fortnite was introduced in the first season of Chapter 4, and was present in Battle Royale right up to the end, before the Season OG update vaulted them all. Augments shook up the meta by giving players a range of different enhancements during their matches.

Augments have been a large part of why many hail Chapter 4 as one of the best Chapters in Fortnite’s history. However, there has been a growing feeling that they will never come back, as one player asked “Do y’all remember these things?”

Despite some stating that the “RNG of them really ruined their use,” and others just simply “didn’t like them at all,” the overwhelming consensus between the playerbase was that they would welcome them back in a heartbeat.

“I miss them every match… The mobility in this chapter is very lackluster, and augments would’ve filled in that gap,” a player responded, as another stated: “We need them back, gave the game balance and felt more enjoyable.”

In response to the RNG issues, a player commented: “Their unpredictability made them fun. Sure some people got better augments than others, but I didn’t mind.”

Reality Augments and perks in Fortnite
Augments let you choose between various enhancements during your Battle Royale matches.

However, many simply echoed the thoughts of one: “This has been my all-time favorite Fortnite feature. It’s such a shame that it’s gone and that it will never come back.” The belief has gone for the majority of players, as several blamed Epic: “They won’t get added back… They were fun!”

Others theorized the reasons: “Epic wants each Chapter to feel unique and independent from one another, so that’s why Augments aren’t in Chapter 5.”

Trusted Fortnite leakers did find that Augment files had been placed back into the game’s files during Chapter 5, Season 1. Furthermore, Epic then featured them in a Milestone quest that season, stating it was “Coming soon,” and they could even be seen in the Augments section of the in-game Quests tab.

But, Augments never actually arrived and there have been no signs from Epic since that suggest they will return to Fortnite anytime soon.