Fortnite: This could be the perfect way to bring insanity for April Fool’s Week

Epic Games

Fortnite has an impeccable history of adding elements to its game to fit an event, season or celebration, and one idea would hilariously integrate the spirit of April Fool’s Day into the battle royale.

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Fans of the game are still reeling from the wintertime changes that introduced snow to the map on December 6, but with April Fool’s just a few holidays away, one fan went all out in providing Epic Games numerous ways to take part in the festivities.

In a post, Reddit user Natan33988 gave a myriad of concepts that realistically capture the fun and sometimes odd inclusions Fortnite is known to make to its games while being heavily influenced by All Fool’s Day.

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Natan33988 via RedditOne of the many ways Fortnite could mess with players during April Fool’s Day.

Natan was open to the changes being an LTM or a part of the main game but suggests that the event be stretched from a day to instead become April Fool’s Week.

He laid out 10 ideas, ranging from funny in-game pranks to potentially game-breaking changes to weapons or items.

Notable entries is a #2 Choke Royale banner which would be granted to the runner-up of a match, letting them bask in their final flub of a game. Another change would see the infamous Tilted Towers emptied of all its loot, faking out the hordes of people that routinely land there.

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Natan33988 via RedditImagine the heartache of losing the last 1v1, just to have this flash across the screen.

One change that would be sure to scar many players during the week would be the random disabling of the Glider Redeploy function, as well as the Finding Rigged Guns that would shoot a comical “Bang” flag from its nozzle at random.

Fans are sure to look forward to whatever Fortnite has in store for the day, but any of these ideas would definitely make the April Fool’s celebration one to remember.