Fortnite streamer CouRage explains why he’s struggling to have fun streaming the game

Albert Petrosyan

Twitch streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop is one of the most recognizable names in the Fortnite Battle Royale community, but he is very much not much a fan of the game in its current state.

Despite his great success as a Fortnite content creator, CouRage has revealed that he’s finding it difficult to enjoy playing and streaming the game at the moment.

This change of heart has been influenced by the recent changes that have been made in Fortnite, especially the currently ongoing Ice Storm event that has covered the map in snow, fog, and zombie-like Ice Legion monsters. 

“Man, I just want to play non-foggy Fortnite solos without loud Zombies pushing me,” he tweeted. “Really struggling to be my normal self when I’m just not having much fun.” 

This has gotten to the point of him sometimes even choosing to play other games on stream until the Fortnite map returns to its pre-Ice Storm state. 

Calling the situation “just a real shame,” CouRage is clearly being affected by the quality of Fortnite’s current gameplay, and is unable to maintain his usually entertaining and humorous persona while streaming the game.

He’s not the only one put off by the presence of the zombie creatures on the map; many other prominent content creators and pro players have expressed their distaste, even going back to the Halloween-themed Fortnitemares event.

Despite all of the negative feedback, even from back then, Epic Games surprisingly decided to bring back the zombies, although the developers have made it clear that their job is not to appease the top of the Fortnite food chain.

The currently ongoing Ice Storm event in Fortnite has covered a lot of the map with snow and fog.

By most accounts, CouRage will likely not look back at a lot of Season 7 with fondness, as he has not been a fan of many of the additions and changes made this season.

He was very vocal in expressing his contentions with the Infinity Blade sword when it was first added, and he has frequently lobbied Epic to remove the X-4 Stormwing planes from the default core modes. 

Now the Ice Storm has been added to that list of negatives, and it’s caused him to have had enough of Fortnite for now.