Fortnite players are already annoyed by rumors of upcoming “Smart SMG”

fortnite smart smgEpic Games

Epic Games is reportedly developing a “Smart SMG” for Fortnite that may be similar to the Auto Aim Pistol; fans are far from pleased.

Fortnite recently added a smart gun to the mix in the form of its Auto Aim/Lock-On Pistol. Notably, the weapon has the ability to track and lock onto a target’s movements up to 50 feet away. The auto-aim can even follow enemies as they move through hiding spots such as piles of leaves.

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Players quickly labeled the firearm an “aimbot gun,” arguing that it’ll prove most useful for players who have terrible aim.

According to a new leak, the development team may already have yet another smart-type weapon in the works.

Fortnite leaker claims Epic is developing a “Smart SMG”

Reputable Fortnite leaker HYPEX has revealed that a new smart gun could eventually see the light of day. The weapon in question is supposedly a “Smart SMG,” which could bear some similarities to the Lock-On Pistol that launched in April.

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“They’re also working on a new weapon that increases fire rate as you shoot with it,” the Twitter user added.

Players already seem peeved by reports that Fortnite may eventually play host to a Smart SMG. One user responded to the tweet questioning why Epic is making things easier for cheaters. “An aimbot SMG, tf is happening in Epic HQ? They’re like if you can’t ban all the cheaters, make cheats legal!”

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“Lock on SMG about to break the game,” another person lamented in the thread. The criticism doesn’t stop there, either. “They gotta stop this auto-aim stuff but the one that increases as you fire sounds cool,” another Twitter user wrote.

Since Epic Games has yet to corroborate the leak, there’s no telling if or when Fortnite’s new SMG will actually become available in-game.

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