Fortnite unvaults original SMG in the latest hotfix

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In the newest hotfix for Fortnite v24.20, Epic Games unvaulted the original SMG, bringing back the classic weapon for the first time in more than a year.

Fortnite’s classic submachine gun hasn’t been available to players since Chapter 3 Season 1, which kicked off in late 2021.

Submachine guns, in general, have long served as a fan-favorite weapon, especially for those who like to dabble in close-quarters combat on the battlefield.

As such, many Fortnite users will be pleased to find that a long-vaulted gun has finally returned to the roster of available weapons.

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Fortnite’s latest hotfix finally unvaults the original SMG

Fortnite-dedicated Twitter account HYPEX reports that the new hotfix for v24.20 brought back the game’s classic SMG.

Though it featured in Team Rumble at the start of the current season, players can now find the original submachine gun in Battle Royale, competitive playlists, and Zero Build.

While many seem pleased by the return of Fortnite’s original SMG, some find the timing off because of the Twin Mag SMG. One person asked in the thread, “Who’s gonna use the og smg if you already have a version of it in the game that has a much faster reload?”

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Others also commented on the Twin Mag’s longer range and faster reload capabilities. But the classic weapon may win out in some respects given its aim assist advantages.

The new hotfix introduced a few other noteworthy changes, as well. For one, the Lock-On Pistol is now available across all competitive playlists.

Several Unreal Editor bug fixes were added in the update, too, including one that addressed the “Commandlet Failed” error when building HLODs.

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