Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals new details about cars: speeds & features

Alan Bernal

[jwplayer ibznrzc6]More leaks are emerging that suggest Fortnite will soon deliver on its promise of bringing in cars to the game while also providing more details of their capabilities, speed, health, and more.

People have been waiting for cars to come to the battle royale ever since the turn of the Fortnite story a couple of seasons ago. While it looked promising, the devs rained on players’ parades by flooding the map for their last couple of events.

This provided an obvious obstacle for the land-based automobiles, and it conjured up the question of when Fortnite would have enough land to allow for the four-wheeled vehicles.

Although it remains to be seen when the vehicles will be added, new leaks from prominent dataminer ‘VastBlast’ are providing nitty-gritty information and stats for the cars once they are added to the island.

Leaks have revealed more about how Fortnite’s cars will work.

The files after the v13.30 patch contain how cars will be able to gain metal by hitting objects, similar to how Brutes did in seasons past. Meanwhile, there’s evidence of Tire and Brake Skids, that require a minimum speed of 20 and 10, respectively.

Speaking of how fast they can go, VastBlast saw that the max speed for the vehicles will be between 28-45, which they think will depend on the type of car you have.

That should be a good speed for people to skip around the map or get a safe rotation, especially considering that they’ll have 500 health, according to the leaked info.

For those looking to deal some pain to buildings and players, an exploding car will hit structures for 800 damage and 200 damage to a player at a close distance or 50 from long range.

“Gas Pumps and/or the Petrol Jerrycans” will let players keep their cars’ fuel tank at capacity in case they’re running low, which means we could see map chances and new items added along with the vehicles.

There’s a lot more to find out about how cars will operate in Fortnite’s chaotic island, but if the timing is anything to consider, we could have more information as Season 3 progresses to its next big update.