Fortnite players reveal their “impossible dream” collabs

John Esposito
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Fortnite’s collab history has fans constantly cooking up their dream collabs, and now, they’re sharing some wild crossovers they’d love to see.

Fortnite‘s collaborations have been a massive undertaking by Epic Games, as the developer has managed to amass an impressive amount of big-name media licenses for their game.

Simply opening up the Item Shop will prove that, as Marvel skins, celebrity avatars, and more flood the in-game shop. It’s rather impressive, with leaks proving the roster will continue to grow.

However, not every crossover is possible, given the work it takes to make them a reality. With that in mind, Fortnite players share what they’d love to see — their “impossible dream collabs.”

Fortnite players share dream collaborations

In a post shared to the Fortnite subreddit, one player questioned: “What is your “impossible” dream collab for Fortnite?” They started the discussion with a Legend of Zelda collab, adding: “Even if Nintendo is stubborn and stingy about it.” To date, there are no Nintendo properties in Fortnite.

One player shared they’d love to see a Back to the Future collab, mentioning the sheer amount of possibilities Epic Games could implement with cosmetics across Rocket Racing and other core modes. In response to this suggestion, one player said: “Back to the Future items are in Rocket League. So I’m sure Fortnite will add it one day.”

Aside from Back to the Future, another popular collab recommendation was Breaking Bad, with one player saying: “I would lose my f**king sh*t.” That said, the themes of Breaking Bad could prove hard to make this happen, since many believe the recent Disney x Epic Games deal could impose stricter rules on crossovers.

Now that Fortnite Festival is a mode, a few other ideas drifted toward getting musical artists like Daft Punk and more, with players already sharing a Gorillaz-themed concept.

The ideas continued to run wild with Adventure Time and Pokémon other big names. Epic Games has previously composed surveys to gauge player interest, so time will tell if these “impossible” collabs will come true.