Fortnite players have discovered a serious problem with Heavy Shotguns

Alan Bernal
Epic Games

Fortnite battles can start as long distance affairs and quickly evolve into close quarter combat, but a new bug can be a huge problem when a Heavy Shotgun gets too close.

Epic Games’ battle royale has seen its share of glitches that hinder the competitiveness of the game, and a recently documented malfunction with the game’s Walls and popular shotgun could be another entry in a long list of bugs.

In a post, Reddit user Airaga used a Launch Pad to close the distance on a foe. When they landed, the player immediately opted to build a Wall to create some separation but was met with a shotgun blast through the wall that ended his match.

Epic GamesThe new bug would make running into someone like this in Fortnite even more worrisome.

After the game Airaga went on to investigate what had happened by recreating the circumstances that led to their mysterious demise.

What Airaga found was a glitch with the Heavy Shotgun that seemingly lets the nozzle peer through a Wall, if shot at the correct angle.

In his breakdown of the glitch, Airaga explains that both players need to be close to the Wall in order for the glitch to occur.

They go on to explain the lowering to a 30 degree angle and jumping to have the opponent’s head in the crosshair will activate the glitch, giving the shooter a free shot through the wall.

Airaga even tried to replicate it with the Pump Shotgun and Tactical Shotgun to no avail, but got instant results right after doing the same with the Heavy Shotgun.

A bug like these can cause massive implications if used in a competitive setting, so Epic Games would be quick to fix it once becoming aware of it.

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