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Fortnite players discover reference to fan-favorite character in New Year’s disco ball

Published: 31/Dec/2018 23:34 Updated: 31/Dec/2018 23:50

by Alan Bernal


The ball might be dropping for the night’s festivities in Fortnite, but it looks like Epic Games dropped a reference to an old friend in the prop that will ring in the new year.

Fortnite will finish 2018 in the same celebratory vein its given to other holidays with a disco ball hovering above the battlefield in game, but an eagle-eyed player found some similarities that make reference to an old inhabitant of the battle royale.

Posted by VividOlive on Reddit, when Fortnite’s disco ball emerges it has some distinct similarities that some believe it to be a distant relative to the Cube donned Kevin by the community.


The Cube was introduced in the waning moments of Season 5 and proceeded through Season 6, and held players’ interest for its mysterious energy and cryptic purpose.

Now the Disco Ball can be seen emerging and subsequently delivering an epic New Year’s party, but before being covered in reflective plating it glows with a purple vibrance that is unmistakably familiar.

A speculative eye would note that VividOlive’s close up of the ball also shows strange markings before being covered up by the mirror-plated sides.

I knew it looked familiar! from r/FortNiteBR

As it stands, the ball delivers fireworks and lively music upon a countdown, but maybe the developers have another explosive surprise as the clock hits midnight.


Kevin hasn’t made a return to Fortnite since his episode over the map, and the nod to the geometric fiend might be a hint that it isn’t the last time we see it.