Fortnite Players Are Already Doing Incredible Things With the Grappler – Clips of the New Item In Action

The highly anticipated new Grappler has officially gone live in Fortnite Battle Royale and players are already beginning to put it through its paces.

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The new item comes with the description “Make a daring escape or get into the action quickly! This new item attaches to anything you hit for quick traversal.”

With a total of 15 charges, the Grappler is only available in epic variants and looks like the perfect tool to help players get out of situations where they are stuck with the low ground.

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If you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on the Grappler yet, we’ve compiled a variety of clips from players and content creators that have been putting it through its paces!

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First and foremost, a clip that has already taken Reddit. Shared by iBolts, the video shows a player using the Grappler to hit one of the best basketball trick shots you’ll ever see:

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If you’re wondering what the capabilities of the Grappler are, Fickle_Platypus has shared a clip that shows it being used repeatedly on a Guided Missile!

We’re not joking:

Beware though, you can still take fall damage if you latch onto something that is underneath you or fall from any significant height.

We’re not certain if it’s an intentional feature, but DrLupo certainly didn’t seem to be impressed when he was killed by the smallest amount of downward momentum:

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The Twitch star did manage to get the hang of the new item eventually, though.

Below you can see him styling on an opponent during an intense battle and using the Grappler to close the distance in milliseconds:

So far, the Grappler seems to be a big hit with players but it could prove to be overpowered in the hands of skilled players as it offers so many benefits in the movement department.

One suggestion that has already surfaced is that the Grappler should have less than 15 shots to begin with, but the chances of finding one with any charges left in the late game are already going to be slim.

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