Fortnite players abandon OG map remakes in Creative 2.0 due to bugs

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Chapter 1 OG Island

Remakes of the OG Fortnite Chapter 1 maps were highly-anticipated before the introduction of Creative 2.0, also known as Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). However, now that the remakes have been released, players are leaving them because of the continuous issues and lag they experience.

One of the major contributions to Fortnite’s constantly growing metaverse was the launch of Creative 2.0. Both players and mapmakers were psyched about the potential for combining Unreal Engine’s capabilities and unique assets to create islands that look and feel incredibly realistic in-game.

Since many players long for Fortnite’s simpler Chapter 1 days, the return of those islands to the game was a big deal. Several well-known map creators had pumped up the community by announcing that they would be recreating the OG Fortnite island soon after the release.

When the remakes finally hit the game, however, gamers were left immensely dissatisfied because of the unending bugs and latency that plagued the creator-made UEFN experiences.

Creative 2.0 maps fail to capture the magic of OG Fortnite

The OG Fortnite player base was ecstatic for UEFN to release since two remakes were revealed that would provide players a nostalgic experience by having them relive the Chapter 1 island.

But when the maps were released, players were confronted with lag throughout the game, glitches in mobility, and an experience so unsatisfactory that their player counts plummeted. Players’ opinions on UEFN-created remake maps have been widely shared since then.

An individual on Reddit shared an image of the two Original Game remake maps alongside a comment reading, “OG Map will save Fortnite”, before adding a sarcastic remark about the extremely low player population in these islands.

After seeing the post, a veteran Fortnite player wrote, “It doesn’t have the old mechanics. Before building got a million buffs and there wasn’t damage drop off. It also doesn’t have the old loot pool. Old Fortnite is way more than just the map.”

This is a valid point; Fortnite’s gameplay and loot have undergone significant changes since the game’s inception, and it would be impossible to revert to the game’s Chapter 1 era even if the game were rebuilt from scratch in Creative 2.0.

Not everyone was so critical of the maps, though. One player elaborated on the idea that the Creative 2.0 maps needed to “save” Fortnite by saying: “The game feels fine to me. I love all the new content, but people keep complaining that it needs to be saved.”

Fortnite is known for its frequent updates that add new content and features to the Battle Royale island. Just recently, the devs added another Star Wars crossover to the game featuring new characters and weapons.

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