Fortnite stars team up to create their own Battle Royale in Creative 2.0: Project V by Ninja, NICKMERCS, more

Project V Key ArtSuperJoy Studios

Five big Fortnite streamers – SypherPK, Ninja, CouRageJD, NICKMERCS and TimTheTatman – collaborated to create a highly immersive experience in Epic Games’ metaverse, named Project V.

Fortnite’s player base and map designers have reached a new level of creativity when Epic Games introduced UEFN (also known as Creative 2.0). The Fortnite player base is loving the new features, which include returning islands from Chapter 1 and maps inspired by other games (such as Mario Kart).

Players are flocking to Fortnite in droves now that UEFN-made maps may be used for XP farming. These maps are created by amateur designers, but five professional Fortnite players have developed an idea that will permanently alter the way UEFN maps are created.

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The streamers, SypherPK, Ninja, CourageJD, Nickmercs, and TimTheTatman, have pooled the resources of UEFN to build the games of the future for the Battle Royale genre. All the details of the forthcoming Project V are laid out here.

Fortnite OG Key Art with buildingPlayers can now experience a new Battle Royale within Fortnite

SypherPK, Ninja and more join to create Battle Royale Project V

Project V is the first creator-led Fortnite experience that will be a brand new Battle Royale created entirely using UEFN. The five YouTubers (SypherPK, Ninja, CourageJD, Nickmercs, TimtheTatman) are teaming up with Sypher’s Oni Studios’ Fortnite division called Superjoy Studios to create the said experience that will launch in 2024.

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Over the course of the next year, the project’s five partners will pool their respective creative resources to guide the initiative, which will feature a staff of Fortnite Creative devs from Oni Studios. In addition, the studio will open a Discord channel just for subscribers, invite fans to frequent virtual town halls for project updates, and encourage community-based voting on the game’s artistic direction.

UEFN Fortnite OG MapTekniqu3
Map creators can make OG Islands in Creative 2.0

Interested players can head over to the official website and register themselves. By combining established game systems with fresh content, the team is taking use of UEFN’s new creative capabilities to set a new bar for Fortnite’s custom map-making. The “Project V” gaming universe will be far more than just another custom map.

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In addition to this, Sypher’s Oni Studios has started recruiting Fortnite map makers for this project as interested creators can sign up on the official website. While this is just the first phase of the project, we’ll keep you updated in the coming months as the upcoming experience starts to take shape as a finished Creative 2.0 map.