Fortnite players demand refunds for newly age-restricted cosmetics

Abigail Shannon
Fortnite age-restrictionEpic Games

The introduction of new content ratings on Fortnite Creative islands has resulted in restrictions on equipping cosmetics. Some players are majorly frustrated by the move, which they call “the worst update in the history of the game.”

Whether through earning them in the battle pass or buying them in the item shop, long-time Fortnite players will have no doubt accumulated quite a locker of cosmetics.

With Fortnite’s most recent update, Epic introduced age and content ratings for each Fortnite Creative island. While the age rating for Battle Royale remains T for Teen, some Creative maps can now be rated as low as E for Everyone.

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In line with this, Fortnite’s cosmetics have similarly been hit with age restrictions. Skins with more mature themes can now only be equipped on certain Creator islands.

Fortnite players enraged by cosmetic age restriction

Fortnite cosmetic age restrictionEpic Games
Epic has deemed the Bobo back bling too mature for E-rated Fortnite Creative islands.

Cosmetics affected by the restrictions appear to include those with holstered guns or bandoliers holding ammo/explosives. Also restricted are several monstrous skins like Xenomorph or Mincemeat.

Despite this restriction rubric, players are struggling to get to grips with just how arbitrary the resulting selection appears. Some cute, cartoony skins such as Meowscles can only be equipped while playing on maps rated for those 10+ because of their weapons. Meanwhile, the Michael Myers skin can be equipped on any map without restriction.

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Players also expressed bewilderment at the fact that menu music and loading screens were subject to age restriction. Given that these elements are only viewable to the player themself, they don’t understand the justification for limiting these while on age-restricted islands.

Epic has even gone so far as to change this season’s loading screen, removing any imagery of weaponry to make the art more family-friendly.

Overall, the decision has not been well-received. Fans have been vocal in their request for refunds on restricted cosmetics and the change has even prompted fans to petition it be reverted entirely.

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Thankfully, the Fortnite social media team has announced that work is underway to adapt gated cosmetics for use in E-rated and E10+-rated islands. While this will be gradual progress, they’ve claimed that most players’ Outfits will auto-adjust to suit island content ratings within the next year.