Fortnite player creates RPG style map that looks just like Skyrim

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Skyrim mapsBethesda/Epic Games

A Fortnite player has created an open-world map inspired by the popular RPG game Skyrim. Here’s how the player community reacted to an RPG-style Fortnite island.

Fortnite Season OG has evoked a flood of nostalgia for the fanbase that had originally explored the game in Chapter 1. With a record-breaking increase in peak player count, this season witnessed the return of the classic loot pool and OG island, along with new gameplay mechanics.

Every week, the map has changed with a typical Chapter 1 season, adding or removing features like Tilted Towers, Frosty Flights, the Zero Point, and Kevin The Cube. Now that players eagerly await the Chapter 4 live event, an RPG-style open-world map of Fortnite has been created by an avid player.

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Fans of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and other classic open-world role-playing games have commented on how much the map resembles Skyrim. Here’s what it looks like and how fans of both the games reacted to it.

Fortnite fan creates open world map inspired by Skyrim

A Reddit member by the handle of Kitchen-Bird382 has designed a sprawling open world concept for the Fortnite island. It covers several biomes and POIs from all of Fortnite’s seasons up to this point. Having said that, the creation looks eerily like Skyrim and such role-playing games.

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Skyrim’s landscape is a mosaic of varied habitats, each with its own personality and set of difficulties, just like the island in Fortnite has been throughout the game’s four chapters and 26 seasons. As soon as they laid eyes on the breathtaking masterpiece, fans of both games were eager to start a discussion in the subreddit.

One such fan said, “This would be so awesome in a Skyrim type game but with Fortnite’s graphics and loot. Probably would be my favorite game ever.” Another chimed in, “The fact that this looks like an actual fantasy world map makes me wanna buy it as a poster.”

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A third commented, “I love how they grouped the POIs together to make proper biomes. The reality tree fits in so well in the MEGA biome and it’s cool seeing how the snow and desert areas mix several Chapters of POIs together.”

While there were many Skyrim fans in the comment section, a Zelda fan swooped in with their thoughts by saying, “It’s based off the BOTW (Breath of the Wild) map. The only thing that doesn’t match up is the volcano”.

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