Fortnite now lets players build custom LEGO islands & earn profit from them

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Peely in LEGO Fortnite.

Fortnite has added new assets, tools, and templates for players to use to make their own LEGO Fortnite island, as well as three new LEGO game modes.

Fortnite has become more than just a Battle Royale since the introduction of Creative. Now, players can also enjoy a variety of player-made maps in the community tab using in-game assets.

Recently at the Game Developers Conference event in San Fransisco, Fortnite made an announcement regarding adding tools in Unreal Editor that’ll allow players to craft their own island in LEGO Fortnite. A separate open-world survival mode added in Chapter 5, Season 1.

Granted, players will have to make sure that their LEGO Fortnite island adheres to the creator rules and meet the maximum age rating.

A screenshot featuring one of the newest LEGO Fortnite island templates.
Obstacle Course island template for LEGO Fortnite.

But as of now, there are already four different templates that players can choose to help them get started:

New LEGO Fortnite island templates players can choose from

Home Builder: An open environment in which players can build their own dream home and neighborhood using the LEGO brand and Fortnite assets. 

Obstacle Course: A platforming island-type lobby featuring different obstacles and devices that players can place in the map’s layout.

Music Concert: A LEGO desert concert map, which includes Fortnite Patchwork and cute LEGO animals to create music.

Starter Island: An open environment map featuring swimmable water and different islands that lets players customize their own LEGO Island map.

For those who are interested in creating and publishing their own LEGO Fortnite Island, it’s worth knowing that players can earn a profit if they successfully attract a lot of engagement from the Island Creator Program.

Additionally, new LEGO Fortnite modes have arrived in the game today to shake things up. Players can now also jump into three new game modes: LEGO prop hunt, Battle Arena, and Cat Island Adventure.