Fortnite community divided by reports of planes returning in next update

fortnite planes updateEpic Games

Mentions of a new biplane challenge in datamined Fortnite information indicate planes will return in the next update.

Planes originally took flight on Fortnite Island back in Chapter 1 Season 7, giving some players quite the advantage over their foes on the ground.

While some enjoyed the addition of usable aircraft, others thought the machines far too overpowered. Notably, Epic removed planes from the equation in Season 8 to mixed reception.

Leaks about the return of planes in Chapter 3 Season 4 began circulating several weeks ago. And now the evidence is starting to pile up.

A planes update in Fortnite could arrive in the coming days

A screenshot from Fortnite leaker Venom shows tags for a currently nonexistent challenge that asks players to “Fly a Biplane through a rift.”

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The leaker posits that plans may resurface during Week 6 Quest 3. Another well-known Fortnite content creator, HYPEX, reposted the news from Venom, with a note that “planes are set to return next week.”

As always, because Epic Games has yet to corroborate the news, players should take the above claims with a grain of salt for the time being.

This particular bit of information seems to have divided much of the Fortnite community. Replies to the HYPEX thread feature a mixture of “W” and “L” posts from fans divided over the leaked details.

The prospect of planes reappearing in an upcoming update leaves some Fortnite players excited about how the dynamic of Zero Build may change.

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In response to naysayers wondering why planes are coming back, one Twitter user said it’s “because the game needs fun” that it’s been missing for “years.” Yet others remain convinced that planes are best left vaulted.

If the leak proves accurate, Fortnite may find itself inundated with high-flying players sooner rather than later.