Fortnite Season 4 leak reveals controversial planes set for return

fortnite season 4 planes leakEpic Games

According to a leaker, Epic Games may reintroduce Fortnite’s controversial planes when Chapter 3 Season 4 arrives.

Epic initially added planes to Fortnite during Chapter 1 Season 7, allowing players to wipe out foes from the sky.

It didn’t take long for Fortnite faithful to become sour towards the aircraft. Many referred to planes as overpowered, then celebrated once the high-flying vehicles were vaulted in Season 8.

Since then, planes have resurfaced every so often for a limited period of time. But now it seems as though the unpopular vehicles will soon exit the vault for a longer stretch.

Planes will reportedly return during Fortnite Season 4

Yet another Fortnite Season 4 leak is making the rounds, with the latest claiming that a widely disliked vehicle could rear its head again.

According to leaker and Twitter user HYPEX, a recent update hinted at the return of planes. HYPEX posits they could appear during Season 4.

Other vehicles that were previously outed as possible Season 4 entries include motorcycles and a brand-new mech.

Meanwhile, the insider speculates that leaks from Chapter 2 Season 7, including a City Bus, Sport Truck, and HMV, may have been “scrapped.”

As of writing, Epic Games has yet to announce details about Fortnite Season 4, much less confirm whether or not planes will take to the skies again.

News should surface in the near future, though, especially since the Season 3 Battle Pass expires on September 17.

In addition to planes and mechs, rumors suggest the upcoming season will also add Into the Spider-Verse’s Spider-Gwen as a playable hero.

Despite the supposed Spider-Gwen appearance, leakers claim a Marvel-centric Season 4 theme is not on the docket.