Fortnite leaked skins and cosmetics after v15.20 update

Calum Patterson

The long-awaited v15.20 update for Fortnite is finally live in-game, and that means data miners are already hard at work uncovering as much unreleased content from the game files as possible. Here are all the leaked skins and cosmetics following the patch.

The update has added some new weapons to the mix, such as the new Exotic rarity ‘Hop Rock Dualies’ and the new Lever Action shotgun.

There’s also a bunch of bug fixes, across Battle Royale, Save the World, and Mobile. Check out the patch notes for v15.20 here.

But, for Fortnite’s many skin addicts, new patches are all about the new cosmetics that drop – and will be dropping, over the coming weeks and months.

Leaked skins from v15.20

Reliable Fortnite data miner HYPEX has provided us with a first look at some of the upcoming character skins, added to the game files after this latest patch.

Ruby Shadows

Ruby Shadows leaked skin


Orin leaked skin


Tess leaked skin

Leaked skin bundles

Two bundles have also been leaked, one of which relates to that leaked Tess skin above. The other is called ‘MACHINIST MINA’.

Tess Bundle

tess bundle in fortnite

Machinist Mina Pack

Machinist mina bundle

Leaked Predator spray and banner

There’s also a very interesting new spray, specifically for Predator, as well as a banner.

Leaked predator spray


leaked predator spray

That’s all the leaked cosmetics from the v15.20 patch so far, but we’ll update this article with more as leakers uncover them.

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