Fortnite July 30 map changes: Sweaty Sands return, Camp Cod, more

Andrew Amos
Sweaty Sands in Fortnite

The Fortnite map has almost returned to normal. After the map changes on July 30, there’s only one more update left before all the flooding is gone. Sweaty Sands has made its return, Camp Cod is less flooded, and more roads are appearing.

The water levels in Fortnite are changing again. The map is slowly draining after the Season 3 event, with the luscious green islands peeking their heads up for players to drop on.

As of the July 30 update, most players’ favorite drop spots from previous seasons have returned. There’s less water rotations and more land rotations to worry about as the water heads back out to sea.

Sweaty Sands in Fortnite
Sweaty Sands is back in Fortnite!

This map update also marks the last one before the big, final change. Players aren’t just expecting all the water to go away, but also a new Atlantis-themed POI to sprout up on the map.

Sweaty Sands returns in full, Camp Cod drained heavily

The Sweaty Sands you know and love is finally back in fall. While it was looking a little bit decrepit over the last few updates, the water has finally eased off at the inlet for the full POI to make an appearance.

If you used to drop at the beach there, you should be able to return to your looting spot as of July 30. On the minimap it looks exactly the same as it did in Season 2, but some of the chests may have moved. Keep your eyes peeled.

On the complete opposite side of the map, Camp Cod is also almost back to normal. Large patches of water and swampland have been removed, making way for the island that was there once before.

More roads are also appearing near Slurpy Swamp, connecting to Misty Meadows via Rickety Rig. There should also be more routes through the densely-populated trees, but it’s unclear just by looking at the minimap.

Atlantis POI release date set for August 1: dataminers

Dataminers have also confirmed when to expect the final map update for Season 3 ⁠— and that’s on August 1 at 7am GMT. The water will have totally receded by then, and the new Atlantis POI will activate.

Aquaman’s home will be unearthed for all to drop into. It’ll more than likely be laid out similarly to Deadpool’s Yacht in Season 2, with an Atlantis boss to kill every game for some decent loot. Keep your eyes peeled on Saturday for the changes.

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