Fortnite: How to use the new Matrix-like emote to easily win gunfights

Although emotes were clearly added to Fortnite Battle Royale as a way to inject some fun and and comedy into the game, there are some dance moves that can actually help players win gunfights.

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The most recent and blatant example of this is the Shaolin Sit-Up, an Uncommon rarity emote that was released in the Item Shop on January 2.

Upon activating the emote, the player’s on-screen character falls backwards to the floor and then does a worm movement to straighten back up and hold the classic medication position until the player decides to move.

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Although the emote may seem harmless at first glance, there have been loads of clips online that show players using the initial phase of the movement to cleverly dodge bullets, especially sniper fire.

However, that technique is generally not reliable nor viable to use in a close-up and intense gunfight, unless it’s used in a specific situation that most players find themselves during build-fights. 

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During build-fights, what ends up almost always happening is one player decides to spam build a single wall to protect themselves from the opponent, who tries their best to knock the wall down and replace it with their own.

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Whoever has control of the wall always has the luxury of quickly editing in a window and shooting through at the enemy on the other side. That technique is not a novelty or a secret and most experienced players will always look out for it during fights.

What most players do not expect is the enemy player to use the emote as soon as the window is edited in to dodge the bullets and then spring back up to shoot back at the confused player. 

As Team SoloMid streamer HighDistortion shows above, when you find yourself separate by the enemy by a wall that you don’t control, using this emote can be the perfect defense and counterattack all in one. 

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As soon as you see the opponent pull out his building map, quickly activate the emote in anticipation of the window edit. The opponent is likely to shoot quickly after editing in the window, which is perfect because you’ll be out sight thanks to the emote.

Once the shot comes in, it’s important to then cancel the emote’s effect to straighten back up and then immediately shoot back through the same window at the confused player who is wondering where you went. 

Not surprisingly, many are calling this the Matrix Emote as it resembles the iconic movements that the characters in The Matrix movie series do to dodge bullets.

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Many are also poking fun at the fact that this emote doesn’t exactly fall in line with Epic Games’ pledge that these items “are cosmetic only, and grand not competitive advantage.”

While it’s highly unlikely that Epic actually meant for the emote to be used in this way, there is no doubting that it has a strong potential to help players win gunfights.