Fortnite: How to complete ‘Use Keep It Mello at trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlor, and a frozen lake’ Showtime Challenge

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The second and third Showtime challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale have gone live and players can now complete them to unlock additional rewards.

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The second of the challenge set is very straightforward and simple as all players need to do to complete it is visit the Showtime venue in Pleasant Park.

This venue consists of a giant stage built on top of the football field, which is where popular EDM DJ Marshmello will be performing his live in-game concert.

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Completing this challenge is important because it rewards players with the ‘Keep It Mello’ emote that is not only a cool one to have but is also necessary for completing the third and final challenge. 

This is what the event stage looks like in Pleasant Park, so just standing on top of it like this should be enough to do the trick. 

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For those interested, here’s a video of how the emote look in-game, and it will likely be used by many in the crowd at Marshmello’s performance on February 2. 

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This then brings us to the third challenge, which requires players to “use Keep It Mello at a trucker’s oasis, ice cream parlor, and a frozen lake,” all of which are distinct locations on the Fortnite map.

For this, players simply have to visit the Truck ‘N’ Oasis truck stop and SOFDEEZ ice cream parlor, both in the bottom left corner of the map, as well as the frozen lake just north of Polar Peak in the southwestern snow biome. 

Players must do the Keep It Mello emote at each of these three locations in order to complete the challenge and earn their reward. 

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Once the emote is done at all three of the above locations, the challenge will be marked as complete and this Marshy Smasher pickaxe will be awarded. 

For more details about the Marshmello-themed challenges in Fortnite, and how to complete each one, visit our dedicated Showtime Challenges hub

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