Fortnite hackers panic as Epic Games cracks down with new anti-cheat

Alan Bernal
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Epic Games

Fortnite hackers are having a hard time in the battle royale after Epic Games’ implementation of Byfron, a new anti-cheat to thwart cheaters from ruining games.

Epic have been dealing with a constant stream of hackers for years that spans everything from aim-botters to invincibility cheats.

These problems have been so ingrained into Fortnite that even pro players raised concerns about cheaters infiltrating the competitive scene.

Though the issue has been a long-winded saga for Epic, it seems like the latest chapter of the struggle has cheaters reeling from the new anti-cheat.

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Epic Games
Epic Games hit Fortnite hackers with a curveball thanks to Byfron anti-cheat.

On July 6, screenshots show apparent hackers frustrated at the new Fortnite anti-cheat that’s preventing them from accessing the game entirely.

“FN will be down for a while. Fortnite after three years has decided to add shit that will make it hard to cheat,” one hacker said in a Discord server. “They have greatly protected things that we need to make a cheat.

“Before this update nothing was protected, now everything is. We will be up soon, hopefully, but f**k you Fortnite.”

For the time being, it looks like hackers will try a workaround for the new ant-cheat from the company Byfron but it’s not looking like they’re having much success.

Epic now has three layers of anti-cheats including EasyAntiCheat and Battle Eye that were previous attempts at protecting Fortnite’s integrity.

According to Byfron, their security measures include features “thwart dynamic analysis attacks with our novel anti-virtual machine and anti-debugging features” while using software to “curb static analysis with full binary encryption at rest, prevent tampering of your protected code, and block untrusted third party applications.”

So far, everything is looking good for Fortnite players who want to play the game without encountering a cheater.