Fortnite hacker makes FNCS Finals to showcase “terrible” anti-cheat

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A Fortnite cheater made a statement during the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 3 solos qualifiers ⁠— qualifying for the FNCS qualifier finals while hacking to showcase just how “terrible” the game’s anti-cheat is.

Cheating is a problem that continues to plague Fortnite. In the casual game, you’ll run into your fair share of hackers beaming you from across the map with inhuman aim.

On the pro side of things, it’s not as common. While it’s usually teaming that gets players in trouble, sometimes Epic’s anti-cheat lets proper aimbotters and wall-hackers slip through the cracks.

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However, one player made a statement by exploiting the system to grind their way to the top. NA-West player Kona turned on the cheats for the final FNCS Solos qualifier, and made it count.

Kona made their cheating as blatant as possible. They used an aimbot, which caught the eyes of streamers wondering who the new hotshot was. However, more egregious than that, they streamed themselves doing so on Twitch.

They had the cheat client open throughout the qualifiers, showing off how they did it. Kona didn’t deny it when pressed, even stating in their stream title they were “sacrificing account to show how bad the anti-cheat is.”

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Kona did end up placing high enough to make the FNCS qualifier finals and have a chance of making the heats, however has since been disqualified. They have been banned from Fortnite as well, although it’s unclear how long the suspension is for.

Kona claims that they cheated to prove how terrible Fortnite’s Easy Anti-Cheat is. “For real though, the anti-cheat in this game is so terrible to the point where someone can get to finals. I hope people learn from this,” they tweeted.

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They did make a Twitlonger just before that though, where they made a remark about how “new players can never do good.” It appears that the statement was made tongue-in-cheek though.

“It’s so stupid how new players can never do good,” Kona said in the earlier Twitlonger. “I pop off one tourney because I realize I’m sh*t with charge [shotgun] and I get accused. Epic Games will clear it up, don’t worry.”

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Kona has been dropped by their organization, Deny, after the cheating accusations came to light. Regardless of the circumstances, Deny stated they “do not stand for cheating in any form.”

“Due to evidence brought to light by a great community, we have cut all ties with Kona. We were not told of any prior accusations before today. We do not stand for cheating in any form,” Deny told fans on Twitter.

Dexerto has reached out to Kona for comment, but they did not reply by time of publishing.

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