Benjyfishy raises concerns after Fortnite pros prove teammate is hacking

Joe Craven
Benjyfishy next to Fortnite Chapter 2 and logo

Popular pro player Benjamin ‘benjyfishy’ Fish has raised questions over competitive integrity, after a professional Fortnite duo revealed that their teammate had been cheating undetected in recent tournaments. 

As far as the world’s most popular battle royales go – Apex Legends, Warzone and Fortnite – all of them have experienced their fair share of hacking issues.

Fortnite has, many would argue, the most successful record, regularly preventing hacking and boosting from impacting the average online match. However, recent revelations in the pro community have cast doubt on this, as it becomes clear that one player has been cheating in official tournaments – and managed to remain undetected.

Fortnite Chapter 2 gunfight
Many fans would agree Fortnite Chapter 2 has done well to suppress hackers.

On July 31, Team Serenity player Zykoma tweeted to confirm that one of his teammates has indeed been found to be hacking, and had done so in past tournaments.

“So yesterday, Bucktee (part of my trio) found that our third member, bman, was secretly using hacks without our knowledge,” he said. “During Daily Trio Cups and the Bugha cup. I’m posting this to show how easily these hacks are accessible and can go multiple tournaments undetected.”

Attached was a clip of bman’s gameplay, which appears to show that the individual was indeed using cheats to further his performance.

Zykoma also added: “I can’t sit back and watch this happen. Bman is literally about to play in the Bugha Cup Finals because of hacks, and no one would have known.”

He followed this tweet up with a Discord screenshot, which appears to show bman admitting the offences, referring to his actions as a “mistake”.

The tweets quickly garnered significant attention, as portions of the Fortnite community condemned bman’s actions and called for Epic to do more.

Among these players was Benjyfishy, NRG Fortnite pro and prominent Twitch streamer. He said: “I guess this means there probably is some pros cheating without anyone knowing.”

While some suggested Benjy is assuming the worst case scenario, the very fact that bman was able to compete in tournaments with hundreds of thousands of viewers and remain undetected means that there could well be others using similar exploits.

Epic Games are yet to comment publicly on the accusations but have been known to hand out temporary suspensions for similar offences.