Fortnite hacker threatens to dox Tfue after being confronted on stream

Twitch: Tfue/Unsplash

Fortnite star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney finally came face-to-face with the hacker that has been ruining his ‘Tfault scrims’ and was seemingly threatened with a potential dox.

Like many top streamers, Tfue gets his fans involved every now and again, allowing them to head-to-head against him and other players in the ‘Tfault Scrims.’ These custom games operate like a competitive Fortnite match, where the pace can be much slower and some of the final zone buildings can reach incredible levels.

However, in recent weeks, Tenney has found his custom matches being ravaged by an aim-botting hacker – with the Fornite professional even going as far as calling upon Epic Games to do something about them. Yet, after a few weeks of waiting, the popular streamer finally confronted the hacker head-on.

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Twitch: TfueTwitch: Tfue
Tfue has had many a Fortnite game ruined by hackers.

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During his January 3 stream, Tfue had been playing alongside his new duo partner Scoped when the opportunity arose to confront the aim-botting hacker.

The Fortnite streamer quickly invited them into his pre-game lobby for a chat where his new sidekick asked the hacker about his motivation for hacking and ruining matches. “Yeah [it’s fun], the game is dead,” he replied before the dove into deeper conversation.

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Hacker threatens ‘Dox’

Tfue and his duo partner quizzed the hacker about his identity, asking him about a Twitter account that had been sent to Tenney and was said to reveal how the hacker looked – even if it was lacked a real name.

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Despite disputing that, the hacker in question revealed that someone had recently called his parents regarding the hacking – asking if it was Tfue who did so. “Whoever that was, just know that there’s a dox coming very soon – and I’m not even joking,” the hacker said.

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Yet, his threats didn’t end there, even if the next round where slightly more veiled than the first. “Like, you guys damn well know that you guys shouldn’t be doing sh*t like that right,” he said.

“Because, imagine… I’m not trying to threaten y’all right now, I’m not trying to, but just saying – like, what if, like I know someone that can. I’m just not going to say it,” he added, all while Tfue tried to mock him for being “nervous.”

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Now, while Tfue didn’t quite get the confirmation that the hacker would stop interfering with his games that he may have liked, he did manage to shine the spotlight on them even further.

Whether or not anything further comes from his conversation – be it a ban towards the hacker or something happening to Tfue as was seemingly threatened – remains to be seen.