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Tfue calls on Epic to ban Fortnite hacker ruining his Tfault scrims

Published: 30/Dec/2019 5:06

by Eli Becht


Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney hosts Fortnite custom lobbies to compete with other pro players and subscribers, but his scrims on December 28 were ruined after an aimbotter was able to get into it.

Using the Arena mode as a measuring stick for your skill in Fortnite is important, but many players go the extra step and scrimmage against other competitive players in an effort to see where they really stack up.

These players will all get together in one lobby to battle it out with each other. Playing against other competitive focused players can be crucial, as getting the same kind of practice in regular matches is impossible.


Tfue/YouTubeTfue is one of the best Fortnite players around.

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Tfue, like a handful of other top streamers, hosts custom lobbies, and allows his subscribers to join to play against him and each other.

However, Tfue’s custom lobby, called Tfault skirmishes, went off the rails on December 28 after an aimbotter was able to infiltrate it and ruin everyone’s experience.

When Tfue and his partner scoped were eliminated, the two weren’t 100% clear as to whether the player was cheating or not.

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However, it became abundantly clear after Tfue continued to spectate the player and watch them beam every other player in the lobby from across the map.


After confirming his fears, Tfue expressed his disappointment towards Epic Games for even allowing this to happen in the first place and called for them to ban the player.

“Yo, Epic Games, can you f**king ban this kid that’s literally aimbotting in my f**king custom game,” he asked.

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If it was just a one-time thing then perhaps it could have been excused, but the fact that it happened in multiple games created a problem that pretty much ruined the whole lobby.

Players infiltrating custom lobbies like this is nothing new, but usually, they won’t do it to grief the other players. Everyone wants an opportunity to play with their favorite streamer, but there are definitely better ways to go about it.


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It’s unclear if Epic Games will take action due to it being a custom lobby, but it’s obvious there is a problem. There’s also precedent for Epic banning aimbotters as that’s just what happened to FaZe Jarvis after he was caught using one.

His ban ended up being a permanent one, so perhaps that’s what this player has waiting for them if any action is taken.