Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing 28.20 February patch notes: New tracks, skins & more

Josh Taylor
Rocket Racing Day Drifting 2 track added in 28.20 Fortnite update.

Fortnite’s patch v28.20 has arrived with two new Advanced tracks, skins, smoke colors, boosts and more for Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival. Here’s everything you need to know about the updates.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 unleashed three groundbreaking modes into the game — LEGO FortniteFestival, and Rocket Racing.

All three modes have received a further mid-season update in the v28.20 patch from Epic Games. LEGO Fortnite has seen the Hunter Dagger join the game along with various gameplay improvements and fixes.

Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing have also received various changes and new additions, so here’s the full breakdown of everything included for these two from Epic’s patch notes.

Fortnite Festival February 7 patch notes

There are no official patch notes for Fortnite Festival. But, the well-known data miner iFireMonkey has leaked various TMNT instruments.

These instruments are set to include The Super Shredder Guitar and The Kuro Kabuto Bass, which are expected to join the game as TMNT Event Pass Rewards.

Rocket Racing February 7 patch notes

Two advanced Tracks

Epic Games has added two brand-new Advanced tracks to Rocket Racing that are more challenging versions of the levels Festive Falls and Day Drifting:

The new Festive Falls 2 Advanced Track was added to Rocket Racing as part of the 28.20 update.
  • Festive Falls 2 – is packed with various hazard and brave bends, which is unlocked once you reach Platinum I in ranked racing.
  • Day Drifting 2 – features an epic winding road that you’ll have to master drifting around and is unlocked once you reach Platinum 1 in ranked racing.

Mclaren 765LT skin

The McLaren 765LT Bundle is now been added to the game. The vehicle skin and various cosmetics included can be used in both Rocket Racing and the main Battle Royale mode. It includes the Car Body and Wheels, which you can choose between thirteen different paint colors.

Mclaren 765LT car skin in Fortnite and Rocket League
The McLaren 765LT Car Body skin has joined Fortnite as part of the 28.20 update from Epic Games.

If you already have the bundle items in Rocket League, you’ll find them ready and waiting for you in Fortnite thanks to cross-game ownership.


Boosts are new cosmetics added to Fortnite, which are Locker items that you can choose and equip for your chosen Car Body. These colorful trails will be activated when you go Turbo in Rocket Racing or Boost in Battle Royale.

Fortnite Startrack Boost Bundle
Three of the thirteen Startrack Boost trails available in the bundle.

The first two bundles that have been added to the game are the Startrack Boost Bundle and the Ethereal Boost Bundle. Each of these includes thirteen paint colors for your different trails.

Fortnite Ethereal Boost Bundle
Three of the thirteen Ethereal Boost trails available in the bundle.

If you already have the Bundle items in Rocket League, you’ll find them ready and waiting for you in Fortnite thanks to cross-game ownership.

Quests and Drift Smoke Trails

Ranked Challenges have been added to the Season Zero Tune Up Quests. The objective of each Challenge is to complete a certain number of races at a certain rank tier. For example: Complete 10 races at Gold tier or above (Unlocks the Orange Drift Smoke Trail)

Rocket Racing Drift Trails
Aa few of the Drift Smoke Trails you can obtain by completing Ranked Challenges in Rocket Racing.

Each Challenge awards a new Drift Smoke Trail color upon completion. All the Season Zero Tune-Up Quests — including the Ranked Challenges — are available until March 26, 2024, at 12 AM ET.

Major improvements and bug fixes

  • Collision impacts are far less extreme in v28.20 and will be continued to be improved on.
  • Driving into a hazard no longer turns off throttle for the duration of the hazard effect. It now applies a higher speed reduction penalty and imposes reduced acceleration so it doesn’t interfere with drifts.
  • We’ve added a setting for icon-only nameplates.
  • Fixed an issue where spectators were sometimes removed for being idle as a race was finishing.
  • Fixed an issue where going Turbo after speed boosting or drafting would cause you not to gain as much speed as intended.
  • Image quality is now improved on the post-race screen.

That’s everything Epic Games has added and changed for the Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing patch update v28.20. As more updates are released, we will be sure to keep you updated!

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