Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing 23 January patch notes: New items, tracks & more

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Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing 23 January patch notes: New items, tracks & more

Fortnite’s patch 28.10 is here, deploying changes, new content, and updates to Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing. Here’s all the details.

Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced a massive infusion of content into Epic Games’ title, including three new modes — LEGO Fortnite, Festival, and Rocket Racing.

Each new mode serves as an ode to legendary titles that shaped gaming, with Festival and Rocket Racing serving as love letters to Rockband and Rocket League.

Fortnite’s patch 28.10 is finally here, serving as this season’s first major content update. This includes changes and new content across all of Fortnite’s modes, including Festival and Rocket Racing.

Here’s the full breakdown of the patch notes.

Fortnite Festival the weeknd concernt

Fortnite Festival January 23 Patch Notes

There are no official patch notes for Fortnite Festival. However, these are all the notable changes that have been discovered with Patch 28.10 via well-known Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey:

  • Jam Tracks have a slightly updated design in the shop.
  • You can now see what % flawless someone got on songs in Fortnite Festival.
    • They also fixed being unable to scroll down on your leaderboard.
  • A new gameplay tag has been added to some Jam Tracks allowing them to have the vocals restricted in experiences with a below teen rating.
    • The Fortnite Festival Gameplay Tags relating to the song “Bring Me To Life” have been removed from this update.

Rocket Racing January 23 Patch Notes

Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing 23 January patch notes: New items, tracks & more

Two new advanced Tracks

Ready for a new challenge? Start your engine, because v28.10 comes with two new Advanced tracks that’ll have you drifting through sharp bends, dodging obstacles, and flying off-road all the way to the finish line! 

A perilous spin on a fan favorite, the first new track is Lazy Lake 2, unlocked in ranked racing once you reach Gold I. Keep your hands firm on the steering wheel as you take on hazards working overtime.

Next up is K2 Raceway Deux, where you’ll speed across winding roads and catch plenty of air. This track is designed for experienced drivers, so you’ll need to master your racing technique and reach Platinum I to unlock it in ranked racing. 

New customization options: Trails!

Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing 23 January patch notes: New items, tracks & more

Prepare to speed past your rivals in style! With Rocket Racing’s new Trails, personalize the dust you leave on the racetrack while drifting past the pack.

Trails are a new type of Locker item you can use to customize your Car. Trails will soon be eligible for cross-game ownership. This means you’ll own certain Trails in Rocket League if you obtain them in Fortnite (and vice versa).

The first Trail zooming into Rocket Racing is the Fortnite-original Drift Smoke Trail, which is in everyone’s Fortnite Locker now! More Trails will be coming to Fortnite over time in the Shop.

Drift Smoke will be in your Rocket League garage at a later date if you play Fortnite and Rocket League with the same Epic account. Get different paint colors for this Trail by completing Season Zero Tune Up Quests, available until March 26, 2024, at 12 AM ET. Smoke your opponents on the racetrack!

In Fortnite, Trails are currently limited to Rocket Racing. Trails grant no competitive advantage.

Improved Mobile Touch Controls

v28.10 features enhancements to playing Rocket Racing on mobile with touch controls:

  • The D-pad, as well as the accelerate, Turbo, air dodge, and jump buttons, have all received visual and usability improvements.
  • Auto Accelerate is now enabled. It can be toggled on or off.
  • To stop, you now press and hold the brake button. Once you reach 0 on the speedometer, you’ll start to reverse.

Major Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Improved overall CPU performance, especially on lower-end devices.
  • Sitting idle during a race will now put the player back in the Lobby.
  • Car collision is now less severe. We’ll continue to improve this interaction over future updates.
  • Air dodging is now smoother when landing.
  • Have the pre-race jitters? You can now wiggle and swivel the camera before a race!
  • The “Invert Steer Method” setting, which inverts steering controls when upside down, now properly remains enabled when changed.
  • Fixed an issue related to players getting stuck post-race.
  • Fixed an issue on Android that prevented players from switching languages.

That’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing patch update 28.10. Check out more Fortnite content right here.

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