Fortnite fans discover amazing Jurassic Park reference on Pump Shotgun

Epic Games put in another clever Easter egg with the v6.31 patch to its popular game Fortnite.

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The wildly successful battle royale has been known to include the occasional nod to movies, music and viral trends since its release, and this time it’s showing appreciation once again to the mega-hit Jurassic Park.

One observant Reddit user has managed to find the nod to the popular film on one of the new Pump Shotguns that was introduced with November 27’s update. 

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/u/Lady_jaye / RedditA shiny new addition to the Fortnite arsenal.

The text “SMRT YNG LDY 110639” can be found above the trigger on the gun’s right side.

The hint is toward a classic scene in Jurassic Park in which the game warden of the park, Robert Muldoon, is flanked by a velociraptor, followed by his line “clever girl.”

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The numbered text cements the theory, being Jurassic Park’s initial release of June 11, 1993, or 11/06/93.

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Lord Eddy/YouTubeA loose Easter egg with a red balloon tied to a sewer is similar to trademark elements attached to Pennywise the Clown.

In the latest v6.31 update, Epic’s introducing a new Epic and Legendary model to the Fortnite pump-action shotgun which models itself after the classic SPAS-12.

This is the gun used by park security in Jurassic Park but is widely shown in the film with the shoulder-stock tucked away over the gun. 

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Previously, there’s been nods to this and other films. The “Rex Loading Screen” homage to Jurassic Park and the balloons tied to a sewage vent similar to an element in the horror-film “It” are just a couple examples of the studio’s inclusion of movies in their game.

Fortnite has grown to immense popularity with younger audiences as well as older generations, and the game has incorporated an archive of memes and popular culture references that suit both crowds.

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