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Fortnite devs confirm that major improvements are coming soon to Legendary Bush item

Published: 14/Jan/2019 19:25 Updated: 14/Jan/2019 19:32

by Albert Petrosyan


The Legendary Bush item in Fortnite Battle Royale is set to undergo major changes in the near future, according to Epic Games.

Eric Williamson, Design Lead for Fortnite at Epic Games, commented on a Reddit post that was suggesting some changes that could be made to the Bush to make it a more viable item.

The Reddit user, ‘RhysWindu,’ proposed that the Bush could be made to protect the user from the first shot that an enemy player might take at it, which would make the item a lot more useful.

Williamson responded by saying that this idea was one of several that had been discussed by the developers: “We’ve been looking at ways to potentially improve the Bush’s effectiveness. This is an option that’s been discussed a few times.”

He went on to further detail several other changes that the team has been looking at as potential improvements, such as having multiple charges, being auto-enabled while it’s in the inventory so it can’t be shot off, and reducing the leaves that block the user’s view.

How to make the legendary bush legendary! from r/FortNiteBR

In terms of when players can expect one or more of these potential improvements to be implemented, Williamson did not offer a time table: “No adjustments in the next update, but it’s something we’ll be reviewing.”

At least the Design Lead is acknowledging that Epic are aware that the Bush is essentially a pointless and useless item in many Fortnite players’ eyes and fundamental adjustments are needed to make it better. 

One of the earliest “out of the box” items in Fortnite, the Legendary Bush has somehow survived staying in the core default game modes despite being heavily underused.

In its current state, the cons heavily outweigh the pros when it comes to using the item. Having it equipped offers no physical protection, can annoyingly hinder the user’s field of view when aiming down sights, and takes up a valuable spot in the inventory. 

As for the benefits? It can sometimes come in handy when camouflaging against nearby opponents and it’s good for producing funny in-game content, that’s pretty much it.

While these proposed changes do offer hope for the Bush, it also begs the question as to why Epic have decided to keep the Legendary item in the game for this long when it has never been consistently used and similarly underused items have been vaulted before. 


Epic responds to concerns over leaked Fortnite player logins

Published: 22/Jan/2021 6:45

by Andrew Amos


Fortnite players have made big claims that Epic is leaking player logins through the battle royale’s in-game leaderboard. However, the developer has insisted the system is safe, and there’s been no evidence of hacked accounts through it.

Security scares are no joke, and while developers do their best to keep them underwraps, they can sometimes appear where you least expect them.

That’s what Fortnite pro Jonathan ‘Yung Calculator’ Weber was claiming after being mysteriously logged out of his account. The Built By Gamers player claimed Fortnite’s in-game leaderboards were leaking players’ private information, including email addresses.

People could then use these emails to either try and brute force hack accounts, or reset passwords and kick players out of the game.

“Guys, Epic Games’ infrastructure is so dogmeat that if you don’t have this turned off, people can find your email,” he said.

“That’s kind of bad on its own, but then if they have your email, they can send password resets to your account. That’s fine normally ⁠— on Twitter, it means nothing normally ⁠— but on Epic Games, it logs you out in-game.”

“This has happened to Clix, Nick Eh 30, Nate Hill ⁠— everyone. Epic Games has no idea what they’re doing. Their infrastructure is garbage. They need to change it ⁠— it’s disgraceful.”

However, people aren’t sold on Yung’s story. Fortnite dataminer ‘FNBRUnreleased’ has stated that it’s impossible. Epic’s API doesn’t allow for the sharing of information like Yung and others think.

“It is not possible to view the email of another person’s Epic [account]. Epic’s API does not work like that. I’ve been seeing this rumor from [Yung Calculator] spreading false information,” they claimed.

FNBRUnreleased’s standpoint has been backed up by Epic. The developer published a statement in response to Yung’s claims, saying leaderboards do not leak any players’ secure information.

“We investigated reports that leaderboards were divulging non-public information or causing unauthorized logouts. This is not the case.

“We are certain that affected accounts remain secure, player info (incl. email addresses) isn’t being divulged & any logout issue is resolved.”

For now, players should just always make sure their passwords are strong to best protect against any leak. Plus, turn on two-factor authentication if you can.