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Fortnite Crew could get massive upgrades soon: bundles, coupons, more

Published: 7/Apr/2021 0:20

by Tanner Pierce


A survey from Epic Games may point to some new features coming to the Fortnite Crew subscription, including bundles with streaming services, coupons for the Epic Games Store, and even currency/cosmetics for other games.

The reception to Epic Games’ Fortnite Crew subscription service has been a bit mixed since launch. While it’s seen by some as a good deal in terms of what you get for the price you pay, other fans have been critical of the skins that were included in past months, as some don’t feel like they’re exciting enough.

Regardless, subscribers might be getting some more content for their dollar if a new survey is any indication and they may be some pretty substantial inclusions if they come to fruition.


Epic Games
The Fortnite Crew subscription service has been around since December 2020.

According to a new leaked survey, originally posted by notable Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, Epic Games is interested in knowing what the community might be included in each Fortnite Crew. It fact, it now seems like they are interested in possibly including benefits for services outside of the battle royale game itself.

The most notable inclusion in the survey is the suggestion of bundles with other streaming services, currency and items for other games, and coupons for the Epic Games Store. While the latter wouldn’t be too crazy as Epic, of course, owns the aforementioned storefront, the inclusion of items for other games and streaming services would be a pretty unique offer.


Of course, this isn’t the first time that Epic has reached out about possibly including more with the service. Back in January, the developer sent out a similar survey to fans, albeit with different choices to choose from. This could mean that Epic quite hasn’t found a notable feature that fans want included or it could just be the fact that they simply want more opinions.

Regardless, the benefits for a Fortnite Crew subscription have not changed since it’s original release back in December 2020. Currently, fans can get their hands on an exclusive skin, V-Bucks, and each season’s battle pass for $11.99 a month.