Fortnite creator makes GTA V mode in Creative 2.0

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite GTA V mode

As Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode continues to astound players, a mapmaker has recently shared a work-in-progress on social media that will add a Grand Theft Auto V-style mode to the game. The clip later went viral which further made players excited to play it.

Fortnite Creative 2.0 maps represent a major milestone in the game’s creative mode’s evolution. The original Creative mode permitted players to build their own islands, configure game modes, and engage in a variety of activities with their peers.

However, Creative 2.0 takes these possibilities to an entirely new level by providing a broader selection of Unreal Engine 5 tools, assets, and features. Fortnite Creative mapmakers are re-creating their own versions of games such as OnlyUp!, Final Fantasy, and Mario Kart using UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite).

Recently one of these mapmakers shared their ongoing creation of Los Santos in a mode inspired by GTA V. The creator uploaded a video that went viral after Fortnite players were stunned by its resemblance to the original game.

Fortnite creator brings Los Santos and a GTA V mode in Creative 2.0

A Fortnite creator named Ka2aki86 recently shared a few snippets of one of their in-progress maps, which they claim was inspired by Grand Theft Auto V and The Matrix. In the video, the creator is seen driving a Whiplash and riding a Rogue Bike through a city that appears identical to Los Santos.

The clip that was shared on X went viral, and players are now demanding that the map be released so they can enjoy GTA V-style gameplay in Fortnite for free. One such player said, “It looks beautiful tbh”. Another one commented, “Where’s the Maze Bank building?”.

A third chimed in regarding a major UEFN concern, “How are they resolving copyrights on real buildings? I have a feeling that future cases that incorporate such scans are likely to lead to litigation”. While a fourth added, “I would play Fortnite every second and never touch grass if this was chapter 5 graphics”.

While the community was left astounded by the perfect recreation of Los Santos by the map creator, Ka2aki86 shared their thoughts on X by saying (translated from Japanese), “It may not be a dream to make games like Gran Turismo or GTA Online on Fortnite. Let’s try various game plans infinitely by generating other than Shinjuku” and concluding that the map is currently merely a concept.

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