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Fortnite boosts Epic Games’ 2018 profits into the billions

Published: 27/Dec/2018 19:14 Updated: 27/Dec/2018 19:35

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games have been hard at work seemingly nonstop since Fortnite Battle Royale came out back in September 2017, and new rough estimates suggest that the hard work paid off big time as the company seemingly crossed into billions in profit.

Fortnite initially released as a PvE with its Save the World title in May 2017 but expanded into the battle royale craze soon after. Since then it has followed a strict regiment of cosmetic releases coupled with strategic changes to its gameplay that has kept the title lively and compelling, and Epic has basked in its success.

Epic Games is a private company, meaning they have no responsibility to publicize their revenue figures, yet a source close to TechCrunch gave an astonishing bit of info saying the game developer had made $3 billion in profit for 2018.


Nick Statt via The VergeEpic Games invested tons of money into its esports and competetions venture.

Although Epic’s other sources of income like their new digital store, its Unreal Engine and more factor in there, Fortnite seems to be far and away its biggest cash cow.

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Specifics to which region of the world has contributed the most or what facet of Epic Games has contributed the most/least to the figure is hard to surmise, yet there are telling numbers that give clues to how it breaks down.

Epic GamesEpic Games constantly release cosmetic items that reel in boat loads for the developer.

According to research firm Sensor Tower, iOS “players worldwide spent an average of $1.23 million per day” on Fortnite in November. The game hauled in $385 million from iOS alone from the months of April through November.


If Fortnite and the developer’s other projects grow steadily in 2019, then $3 billion in profit could be the new low for Epic Games.