FaZe Tfue goes off while duel-wielding pistols on Fortnite

Tfue's Stream

Nobody should be shocked that Tfue does nutty things, but sometimes he surprises even himself when he pops off.

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While playing duos with Faze cLoak, Tfue saw a player diving 52m away and just turned and popped them from the hip with his dual-wielded pistols.

With most other players it would have been considered a lucky shot, but Tfue removes any doubt when the first player’s teammate makes a similar jump, and also gets popped by the FaZe star.

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His reaction highlights the difference between him and Ninja, possibly the two most popular players in the game.

While Ninja likely would have yelled or stood up from his chair, Tfue just buries his head in his arm, and it seems like even he was surprised he hit both those shots.

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Luckily cLoak isn’t so muted and he provides the commentary we were all thinking:

“Oh my god dude, those guys just got FUCKED so hard”

While Tfue missed out on the first week of fall skirmish because of a late invite, look for this duo to make waves in the competition in the coming weeks.