FaZe Mongraal stuns viewers and pros with mind-blowing aim on Fortnite

Professional Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson, stunned his viewers and fellow pros with an incredible demonstration of his talents on January 11. 

Despite being just 15 years old, Mongraal has established himself as one of the best Fortnite players in the world. He finished 13th in the world for the solo competition in the Fortnite World Cup, while he and partner Mitr0 finished 6th in the duos tournament at the same event. 

Since then, he has won numerous online tournaments in Fortnite, cementing his standing as one of the best professional players in the world. This was a position he proved once again on January 11, although not through direct competition against other excellent players.

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Epic GamesThe Fortnite World Cup is not the only time Mongraal has proved his talents.

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While messing around with a Fortnite creative mode, Mongraal stunned his viewers with his insane ability to track a target. 

The mode in question sees a small target move quickly along a multilayered track, as the player tries to stick to it with their aim as best they can. It’s fair to say Mongraal passed the test with flying colors.

After sticking to the target for multiple runs, the 15-year-old then proceeded to shoot at it and, while using both the Scar and the game’s Burst Assault Rifle, barely missed a bullet. Not only did he demonstrate his ability to track a target, but stunned viewers with his ability to control recoil, even on a fast-moving target.

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While Mongraal’s viewers were impressed with the aim on display, so too were the pro players in his discord. As Jackson annihilates the target with his uncompromising aim, one person in his chat was joking “nobody clip that”, clearly stunned at the talent on show. 

Mongraal, for his part, retained his focus and continued to stick to the target like glue before finally exclaiming: “Someone clip that and send it in my chat right now!” 

If it wasn’t clear why he’s one of the best in the world, it should be now.