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Apex Legends

Apex Legends beats Fortnite and more on PlayStation in 2019

Published: 12/Jan/2020 12:03

by Andy Williams


Respawn Entertainment have done the unexpected by dethroning Epic Games’ Fortnite with Apex Legends as the most downloaded free-to-play game on PS4.

After launching with next to no warning in February 2019, Apex Legends took the gaming world by storm. Players were flooding EA’s servers to try their hand at Respawn’s entry in the battle royale realm.

Ever since, Apex Legends has grown from strength-to-strength, having recently clocked in their most successful month post-launch. And after less than a year of mixing it with the best, the Apex Games has reached more people than any other free-to-play title on PlayStation in 2019.

EAThe original roster of characters lay the foundation for Apex Legends to grow into what it has today.

Sporting a fluid, first-person movement system, a diverse roster of Legends and in-depth lore that ties perfectly into EA’s Titanfall universe, what’s not to love with the Apex Games?

Respawn has also been keen to provide a plethora of fresh content throughout the year, to ensure that players kept coming back for more… and they did so in their droves. 

Season 3 was make-or-break for Apex Legends. Epic Games were on the brink of releasing Chapter 2 for Fortnite, so Respawn knew they had to deliver. After stripping away the game’s staple map and replacing it with World’s Edge, the devs took a risk that had to pay-off. 

Considering Apex Legends then went on to have its highest-grossing month since launch, it’s fair to say that it paid off and then some. Not only that, but Apex Legends has now dethroned Fortnite as the top free-to-play title on the PlayStation store in North America.

Fortnite topped PlayStation’s 2018 download charts, with one the original battle royales in H1Z1 being their closest rival. 

The story is the same on the European front, too, with Apex Legends besting Fortnite yet again to take the number one spot.

SonyHere’s how North America’s 10 most downloaded free-to-play games on PlayStation for 2019 shaped up.

Apex Legends taking the top honors for 2019 is all the more impressive when you consider that Fortnite players far and wide would have all re-downloaded their game when Chapter 2 was announced. 

February 4 will make Apex Legends’ one-year anniversary, meaning that Respawn will likely have something in the pipeline that will usher in Season 4 with a bang. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends player turns pretending to be an MRVN into a 1000 IQ play

Published: 23/Jan/2021 1:46 Updated: 23/Jan/2021 1:53

by Bill Cooney


One Apex Legends player’s role-playing adventure as one of MRVN NPC’s found on the map actually worked out quite well for them and could be a sneaky strategy to watch out for going forward.

Look, sometimes MVRN’s aren’t even worth your time to loot. They don’t really drop a lot unless you can attach one of their arms. However, that makes them prime bait material — because who knew Pathfinder could become Mirage?

Reddit user ‘warartic’ has showed off the ingenious decoy mechanic using the MVRNs scattered around the map to pull a fast one on an opponent, and all it took was a clever name and choosing Pathfinder as their legend.

Pathfinder flying across screen with grapple hook.
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder is technically an MVRN, but with a lot more personality.

In the clip, the player, named “I’m MVRN” stands completely still with Pathfinder as enemies battle it out around them, and somehow none of the other players seem to suspect a thing.

Inside the final circle, most players amazingly don’t even give the imposter a second look. There is one Bloodhound who’s so close to getting it, and starts shooting them, but doesn’t do enough to finish them off. Apparently, they were satisfied that the lack of any reaction made what they were shooting an NPC.

The battle unfolds around the disguised player for over a minute until they finally decide to spring their trap at the perfect moment. With just one other squad left, they break character and go to eliminate the enemy Bangalore getting up her teammate, sealing the victory in one of the most hilarious and ridiculous ways we’ve seen lately.

I pretend to be a MRVN and can’t believe this happened lmao from apexlegends

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell whether or not it’s an actual MVRN or just a sneaky player trying to pull a fast one. First off, upon closer inspection Path is much more streamlined and rounded compared to the NPC versions, who will also have a green, glowing light on their face.

Non-player MVRN’s will also just be called “MVRN” on their nametag, nothing else, and react to you when you find them, some are also lootable as well. If you just see a suspicious-looking robot standing completely still in the corner of a room, go ahead and light it up, just to be safe.

You certainly don’t want to be the one caught by this strategy, which is apparently effective enough to score wins all on its own. So, take an extra second and make sure any MVRN actually isn’t a player in disguise, and you should be safe from an embarrassing elimination like this.