16-year-old pro Bugha wins Solos tournament at $30 million Fortnite World Cup – highlights, recap, final standings

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The Solos tournament at the $30 million Fortnite World Cup wrapped up on July 28, with Sentinels pro player Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf finishing in first place and securing the $3 million grand prize. 

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Following the six intense competitive matches at the iconic Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City, the Fortnite community has finally crowned its first ever Solos World Cup champion. 

Bugha finished atop the leaderboard with 59 points, an astonishing 26 points above CLG’s Psalm, who finished with 33 points. The top-three was rounded off by NRG’s Epikwhale with 32 points.

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The competition used a format that awarded points to players for both eliminations and placements in each match.

Below, you can find the exact scoring breakdown for the tournament, as well as recaps and highlights for each of the six matches, the final placements, and the share of the prize pool that each player received. 

Epic GamesThe format and scoring system for the Solos tournament at Fortnite World Cup.
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Game 1 – Bugha takes command and never looks back

Bugha’s road to becoming the World Cup champion started in match one, where he got the Victory Royale and kicked off what ended up being a wire-to-wire victory. The win, coupled with his nine eliminations, gave him a strong 19-point haul to kick things off.

13-year-old Argentinian player KING set a huge impression as well during the first match, making some aggressive pushes for eliminations to get second place. 

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Game 2 – Clutch endgame seals the win for Skite

A very intense endgame between FaZe Clan’s Dubs and LeStream Esport’s Skite ended in the way of the Frenchman, who got the Victory Royale despite just having eight health points when the match finished.

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The win was enough to push Skite into sixth place, but game one standouts Bugha and KING did enough to keep their places atop the leaderboard. 

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Game 3 – Dubs gets his dub

Not letting his narrow second-place finish in the previous match faze him (no pun intended), Dubs regained quickly to get a strong Victory Royale in game three.

He found himself in another intense 1v1 at the end of the match, this time against Team Liquid’s Riversan, but this time he came out on top. 

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Game 4 – Psalm denies FaZe back-to-back wins

FaZe had the chance to get a second straight Victory Royale as their newly acquired star Mongraal was on an elimination rampage in the last stages of the match.

However, CLG’s Psalm denied Mongraal the cherry on the top, eliminating him to get the Victory Royale, even though it was just his first elimination. 

Game 5 – Kreo clutches up, but Bugha builds his lead

The second-to-last match of the Solos tournament saw Lazarus’ Kreo take the Victory Royale, boosting himself all the way up to third place in the standings.

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However, Bugha’s three eliminations and fourth place finish continued to add points to his overwhelming tally, giving him a whopping 15 point lead going into the final match. 

Game 6 – Crue gets the final win; Bugha crowned champion

The sixth and final match saw Swedish pro Crue of Valhalla Vikings get the Victory Royale, pushing him all the way to sixth place in the final standings.

However, it was Bugha who stole the show in the last game, staying alive until nearly the very end to secure another healthy dosage of points and secure the tournament victory.

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Fortnite World Cup Solos final placements

With the six matches completed, here are the final placements for the $15 million Solos tournament at the Fortnite World Cup.

16-year-old Bugha took home the weekend’s grand prize, but you can view all 100 players performances below. 

Placement Player Points Prize Money
1st Bugha 59 $3,000,000
2nd psalm 33 $1,800,000
3rd EpikWhale 32 $1,200,000
4th Kreo 30 $1,050,000
5th KING 30 $900,000
6th Crue 27 $600,000
7th Skite 26 $525,000
8th Nayte 26 $375,000
9th Riversam 24 $300,000
10th Fatch 24 $225,000
11th Rhux 23 $150,000
12th Tchub 23 $150,000
13th Mongraal 23 $150,000
14th stompy 22 $150,000
15th Dubs 21 $150,000
16th Pika 21 $112,500
17th BELAEU 21 $112,500
18th Clix 20 $112,500
19th Peterpan 20 $112,500
20th Commandment 20 $112,500
21st Domentos 20 $50,000
22nd Skailereu 19 $50,000
23rd Bizzle 19 $50,000
24th Endretta 19 $50,000
25th benjyfishy 19 $50,000
26th Kinstaar 18 $50,000
27th kurtz 18 $50,000
28th Klass 17 $50,000
29th MrSavage 17 $50,000
30th K1nzell 17 $50,000
31st fwexy 16 $50,000
32nd Letshe 16 $50,000
33rd TAKAMURAMM 16 $50,000
34th Pzuhs 16 $50,000
35th RogueShark 16 $50,000
36th Zayt 16 $50,000
37th Issa 16 $50,000
38th Vivid 16 $50,000
39th storm 15 $50,000
40th DiegoGB 14 $50,000
41st LeftEye 14 $50,000
42nd kolorfull 14 $50,000
43rd teeq 14 $50,000
44th smeef 14 $50,000
45th DRG 14 $50,000
46th Prisi0n3r0 13 $50,000
47th Klusia 13 $50,000
48th wakie 13 $50,000
49th CoreGamingg 13 $50,000
50th Chenkinz 13 $50,000
51st Nicks 12 $50,000
52nd JarkoS 12 $50,000
53rd Arkhram1x 12 $50,000
54th Evilmare 12 $50,000
55th Hood.J 12 $50,000
56th clarityG 12 $50,000
57th leleo 12 $50,000
58th lolb0om 12 $50,000
59th letw1k3 11 $50,000
60th Ceice 11 $50,000
61st Aspect 11 $50,000
62nd Megga 11 $50,000
63rd Fledermoys 11 $50,000
64th Bucke 11 $50,000
65th Banny 10 $50,000
66th Emqu 10 $50,000
67th Tfue 7 $50,000
68th sozmann 6 $50,000
69th UnknownxArmy 6 $50,000
70th Kawzmik 6 $50,000
71st Lasers 6 $50,000
72nd Erouce 5 $50,000
73rd FaxFox 5 $50,000
74th snow 5 $50,000
75th drakoNz 5 $50,000
76th Touzii 4 $50,000
77th Luneze 4 $50,000
78th slaya 4 $50,000
79th Blax 4 $50,000
80th LYGHT 4 $50,000
81st BlastR 3 $50,000
82nd luki 3 $50,000
83rd Link 3 $50,000
84th marteen 3 $50,000
85th karhu 2 $50,000
86th Robabz 2 $50,000
87th Astonish 2 $50,000
88th Snayzy 2 $50,000
89th Legedien 2 $50,000
90th Reverse2k 1 $50,000
91st Maufin 1 $50,000
92nd Nittle 1 $50,000
93rd Hornet 1 $50,000
94th aqua 1 $50,000
95th Cat 1 $50,000
96th twins 1 $50,000
97th Herrions 0 $50,000
98th Clipnode 0 $50,000
99th Funk 0 $50,000
100th Arius 0 $50,000
Epic Games

Fortnite World Cup – recaps for every event

The Solos tournament was the fourth and final Fortnite competition held in New York City this weekend, following the Creative Finals, the Celebrity Pro-Am, and the Duos tournament.

Below, you can find full recaps, video highlights, and final placements for all of these events.

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With that, the first ever Fortnite World Cup has finally come to an end, following months of grueling and stressful qualifiers and the biggest three-day span in competitive Fortnite history. 

This article was updated at 5:49 AM EST on Monday, July 29.

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