FaZe Clan’s ‘Tfue’ and ‘Cloak’ Have Won the KEEMSTAR $20,000 ‘Friday Fortnite #5’ Celebrity Tournament – Recap and Final Placements

Albert Petrosyan


FaZe Clan professional Fortnite players Turner ‘TFue’ Tenney and Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore have won the fifth running of the KEEMSTAR ‘Friday Fortnite’ celebrity tournament.

The pair beat out Team SoloMid’s ‘Daequan’ and ‘CaMiLLs’ to secure the whopping $10,000 grand prize and become the first two players in Friday Fortnite’s brief history to win the competition twice.

Having already beaten the TSM players to win the Winners Bracket, Tfue and Cloak needed to only win one match in the Grand Final to secure the championship, whereas Daequan and CaMiLLs needed to win two.

In the first match, TSM’s strong start allowed them to win easily, as their eight kill advantage was more than enough to reset the bracket and force a second match.

However, the FaZe players were able to bounce back in a big way in Match Two as they built a large lead early on and did not really allow TSM to get close throughout.

The second match ended up finishing as a blowout, giving Tfue and Cloak their second Friday Fortnite championship.

Despite TSM’s loss, this was already the org’s third appearance in a Grand Final. Daequan and ‘Hamlinz’ lost in Week Two, while ‘Myth’ and Hamlinz were able to get their championship in Week Four. 

Sponsored by popular YouTube Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem and UMG, the fifth running of the ‘Friday Fortnite’ tournament on June 8th featured some of the biggest names of the online gaming and content creation communities.

Members of FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid, The Sidemen, OpTic Gaming, 100 Thieves, and a host of other big YouTubers and Twitch streamers such as Ninja, Dr DisRespect, Roman Atwood all competed for a piece of the massive $20,000 prize pool.

Last week’s champions, Myth and Hamlinz, were unable to defend their title as they got eliminated in the fourth round of the Losers Bracket.

Here are the final placements for Friday Fortnite Week 5, along with the finalized bracket of the entire tournament.

Place Team Prize
1 FaZe Tfue & FaZe Cloakzy $10,000
2 TSM Daequan & TSM CaMiLLs $7,000
3 Aimbotcalvin & King Richard $3,000
4 Ninja & OpTic CouRage
5/6 Reaver & Timthetatman
5/6 Vikkstar123 & Tinnyy
7/8 Chica & FaZe Spacelyon
7/8 Typical Gamer & SoaR Thief
9/12 Baldy & Drama
9/12 Nick Eh 30 & ONE_shot-Gurl
9/12 Myth & Hamlinz
9/12 FaZe Banks & Tennpo
13/16 FaZe Cizzorz & Valkyrae
13/16 iRunYew & AgholorTV
13/16 BobbyBoJanglles & Bchillz
13/16 Fousey & coL Hogman
17/24 Nickmercs & SypherPK
17/24 TheBurntChip & TheoBaker
17/24 Dr DisRespect & Krafty
17/24 Nadeshot & Kenith
17/24 Mitch JOnes & Gernaderjake
17/24 GhostNinja & Big Foltz
17/24 DolanDark & Nopeifyaltalt
17/24 ComedyShortsGamer & Mongraal
25/32 RomanAtwood & CDNThe3rd
25/32 McCreamy & Zuckles
25/32 KYR SP33DY & SideArms
25/32 Nick28T & Nepenthez
25/32 Chance & Pack A Puncher
25/32 NoahJ456 & Avxry
25/32 Joogsquad & CazeyTV
25/32 TBNRfrags & Lachy

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