FaZe Clan’s Tfue shows new Fortnite exploit to counter ‘turtling’

Joe Craven

Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has demonstrated a new, complex method to counter opposition players who opt to ‘turtle’ in the popular battle royale game.

The FaZe star has a well established reputation for finding in-game glitches and being able to exploit them for his own gain, contributing to his standing as arguably the best Fortnite player in the world.

‘Turtling’ refers to a tactic in Fortnite that is often used defensively, in which a player who is under attack will box themselves in – similar to a turtle in its protective shell – and continue to build walls in response to the aggressor trying to break in to eliminate them.

Tfue TwitchTfue has relayed frustrations with numerous aspects of Fortnite Season 8.

It has become a more prominent issue in the third person battle royale since the introduction of ‘turbo-building’ early last year, which allows players to essentially build more quickly, to the point where it is near impossible for aggressors to counter this defensive strategy.

This can often lead to long and frustrating stand-offs, particularly for talented, offensive players such as Tfue who will encounter it regularly.

This follows previous criticism from the streamer about Season 8, as he does not feel it addressed enough of the bugs that plague Fortnite, instead opting for map changes and weapon adjustments.

However, Tfue appears to have found a new method to counter ‘turtling’, which enables him to get into his opponent’s defensive structure.

It involves building his own pyramid adjacent to that of his opponents’, followed by a number of quick edits. This then places his character in a position pressed up to the opponent’s wall, where he is able to quickly break down the wall and force his way into the ‘turtle’.

Tfue is clearly still frustrated with the abilities of players to turtle, saying: “Here we are chat, another fucking episode. I’m about to do it bro. I’m about to just say fuck it.”

After breaking in and killing his opponent, Tenney says that “they didn’t patch this motherfucker. Some tricks I just have to pull out.”

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