Ninja & FaZe Tfue are not happy with “the worst bug in Fortnite”

Virginia Glaze

Popular Twitch streamers and Fornite pros Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘FaZe Tfue’ Tenney are none too pleased with a major glitch discovered in the game’s Season 8 patch.

Since Fortnite’s Season 8 patch dropped on  February 28, players and personalities alike have had a field day discovering fresh content for the title – but some are more pleased with the new season than others.

Tfue took note of a unique glitch in the game during a live stream shortly after the update went live, in which characters seem to float slowly in the air while players try to land in the map.

[Timestamp: 0:48 for mobile viewers]

“And I’m landing five seconds late, let’s go,” Tfue said sarcastically as he made an attempt to land.

Notable streamer and commentator ‘CouRage’ speculated that the glitch might be “the worst bug that’s ever been in Fortnite,” to which Tfue appeared to agree.

Epic GamesFortnite’s Season 8 patch introduced a slew of changes, including pirate cannons, banana skins, and more.

Ninja likewise expressed frustration with the bug, asking Epic to remedy to the glitch during his own stream of the game.

“Dude, Epic, if you’re watching, if there’s anyone watching, fix the glitch, dude,” Ninja said of the bug. “I’m tired of my guy floating up in the sky when I’m trying to land.”

Tfue himself has stated that he isn’t a fan of Fortnite’s Season 8 update, as told in a somber Tweet on February 28.

“Glad everyone’s enjoying the new season, because I’m sure not,” Tfue wrote, much to fans’ surprise.

Tenney went on to note that Epic hadn’t fixed ramp peeking, as well as voiced his displeasure that the Infantry Rifle hadn’t yet been vaulted – despite its status as “the worst and least reliable weapon.”