FaZe Clan parts ways with Fortnite pro Cented after using racial slur on livestream

Alec Mullins
Cented, formerly of FaZe Clan Fortnite.

FaZe Clan has parted ways with Fortnite star Evan ‘Cented’ Barron after the pro player was caught using a racial slur during a livestream.

19-year-old Fortnite pro Cented had established himself as one of the premiere names in the game’s competitive scene prior to joining FaZe in  March 2021.

Coming off a stint with Team Liquid prior to donning the red and black, he was a six-time FNCS finalist who seemed to have a long career ahead of him.

That future is now up in the air after “mutually parting ways” with the team following a July 3 livestream where he entered into a voice chat and immediately dropped a racial slur.

The incident occurred when Cented joined a chat where the pro used racist language while another player was livestreaming.

Barron joined a voice channel and immediately greeted his friend with the racial slur before being informed that the stream was live.

It didn’t take long for FaZe to take action and remove him from his position on the team.

Cented has since confirmed his split from the team and issued an apology over the incident, admitting that he knew better than to use speak in that manner but let immaturity take control.

“I had all the information in front of me for knowing better and still chose to act wrongly. For that, I am sorry,” he said.

This all comes only a month after another incident where a Fortnite pro deleted their Twitter after being accused of going on a racist tirade.