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FaZe Nate Hill says aspiring Fortnite players can’t complain about lack of opportunity

Published: 18/Nov/2018 19:06 Updated: 18/Nov/2018 19:37

by Vincent Genova


Do amateur Fortnite players have enough opportunity to turn pro? That was the spontaneous debate that broke out in the Fortnite community, drawing strong opinions from both sides of the argument.

It all started when Nate Hill criticized aspiring pros for complaining about the lack of opportunities, saying “if you didn’t go to pax and freeze your ass off in the rain at 4:30 AM waiting in line to game, I don’t want to hear ‘epic doesn’t give the little guys chances to play.’”

CLG Marksman seemed to agree and responded, “LOLOL right? Where the f*** were they during open qualifiers in the rain at 50 degrees for 4 hours.”


Some community members did not agree with Hill, complaining about the lack of non-LAN opportunities and saying traveling to PAX is not an option for everyone.

Nate Hill argued that he was able to to just that before making it big, traveling to Ninja’s Fortnite event in Chicago with very little money. EmadGG, a smaller streamer who played in Skirmish events, also explained how he was able to get to an event.

The debate even brought in Trevor May, the professional baseball pitcher and Fortnite player who has experience on what it means to turn pro in both digital and traditional sports.


May played Swiss and agreed with both sides of the argument, first backing Hill by saying “Nate is right though. Regardless, sacrifice is going to be high if you REALLY want it.”

However, May seemed to disagree that wanting it means doing things that simply aren’t possible for some people or involve chance, like getting big on Twitch or flying across the world, arguing the Epic can make the path to pro clearer.

“There isn’t a lot of opportunity [for Fortnite players to be noticed], I agree. Baseball has a pretty clear path, even if it’s hard as shit to reach in the end,” said the pitcher.


He thinks Fortnite, and esports in general, has a way to go to reach the scouting systems and opportunities of traditional sports.

Fortnite (or all of esports tbh) is extremely random and based on networking. So there’s a lot to be done there. I think there’s some solutions coming.

What do you think about the opportunities aspiring Fortnite players have to make it big? Should Epic being do more, or are the players not trying hard enough?