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Explorable hidden village discovered under Iceberg in Fortnite Season 7

Published: 8/Dec/2018 17:41 Updated: 8/Dec/2018 18:13

by Connor Bennett


Despite only being active for a few days, Fortnite Season 7 looks to be bringing map changes sooner rather than later – centring around Polar Peak.

Fortnite Season 7 arrived only a few days ago and yet fans are grasping for any sort of map update that may come in the future, similar to how previous season have brought evolving map changes. With the new snow-covered area to the south of the map arriving with the start of the new season, it’s likely that the majority of changes would arrive in those areas.

Intrepid fans have already discovered that Polar Peak looks destined for an update but now one YouTuber has been able to explore what lies beneath. Currently, the area is little more than a few guard tower-like structures but exploring deeper shows that a Castle and village lurks below.


In a video, German YouTuber StanPlay has discovered that the Castle and surrounding Village under Polar Peak is now explorable on foot in Playground mode. Previously, fans had only gotten a glimpse under the map but had not been able to set foot down there.

To get to the new area, the YouTuber respawned once outside Polar Peak, allowing him to glide onto the iceberg. He then activated a port-a-fort, spawning a fortress for himself next to the guard tower which currently stands there. From there, he once again respawned – which then gave him access to the structure that lies beneath.


Whilst the whole area doesn’t look finished, the YouTuber was able to run around and find loot spawns and chests amongst what was available. Earlier leaks have already suggested that the area will melt in stages – revealing the new part of the map slowly but surely.

Fan theories that the ice will melt across the new winter part of the map were only solidified when players discovered that Loot Llamas were now visible under the snow at Greasy Grove

It remains to be seen just what Epic Games has in store for the new season but it seems certain that updates to the map aren’t too far away.